Apr 2, 2013

Life Is Too Short

Last night, i had a pillow talk with one of my girlfriend. we talked about having boyfriends relationships which are stable, guys who like us but we don't like them and vice versa. i told her that i got a desire to get married fast and start a family. lol. don't give me the look. i think most woman would want that too. i'm not that young anymore you know? ahak. *people who know me well might kill me for that statement*

anyway, today, while i was doing my devotion, the topic was about life is too short. this left a impact on me so i thought, why not put it into blog so that one day, maybe one year form now,  i would see how this post had impact in my life.

the article spoke about "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" sang by John Lennon in "Beautiful Boy". it's so true right?

people are so caught up in the world! people are always asking, "when i'm gonna get rich?" "when i'm gonna married?" "when im gonna have a baby?" "when can i travel around the world?" "when can i do this?" "when can i do that?" 

all this worldly things had taken away the real meaning of having a life. life is not just about all those wordly stuff! there are more to it!

so there. i finally realized that things can never be rushed. i just wanna take my time and go on. when the time comes, it will come.

i don't wanna wake up one day and said, "It's all so short! what happen?"

i just wanna enjoy the moment. 


Eunice GM

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