Apr 12, 2013

Movie Review: The Impossible

Its friday and it also means that there's no dramas on teli like any other days. therefore, mom decided to watch the new movie that i just bought a few days ago. it's kinda fun when she joins me together during movie time cause she is well-known for saying this:

"why waste money buy these dvds? you watch it one time then you just chuck it somewhere else later."

when asked if she wanna watch movie,

" don't want laa. i better do something else."

well, that scenario will not happen if it is a movie that she is familiar with, like Singapore movies directed by jack neo or either that movie has someone who she likes. other than that, dream on.

so i was kinda surprise when she decided to watch it with me. maybe it's the boredom that is killing her deep inside. lol.

anyway, this movie is great! it looks real. i wonder how they act it out eh? well, i cried a few times. not cry till tears came out but cry like sebak? haha.

it was sad. when this tragedy happen in the year 2004, all i did was watch the news and that's it. i don't know anything else. *maybe it's because i'm only 12?* anyway, watching this today lefts me a deep impact.

there's pain, sorrow, and death in a few seconds time. it was so fast. the waves, the things from land, the trees, all hitting you at once and though all those are painful to physical but nothing can beat the pain of emotional. the feeling of losing a love one, a close kin, it's all so pain right?

it's so scary.

ouh well, what am i doing. haha.

anyway, i give this movie 5/5. it was a great movie. the dream of going to other places to help others are growing bigger in me.

p/s: those kids are cute! :D

eunice gm.

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