Apr 24, 2013

Singapore Actor Huang Wenyong Sies of Lymphoma

i saw this post running around on facebook and i know someone "close" *we  grew up watching them in teli* but since i couldn't read mandarin, i asked my friends lor and when they told me that he is the one that passed away, my eyes started getting red thinking about those comedy movies that he had done together with Chen Li Ping. =(

he was sick before this but it was stated that he was getting well but then who could have expect that he had gone to the other side of the world eh? it's just so fast. i think it is early this january that i saw him acting in one of the drama. why so fast? 

he died at the age of 60 on saturday night. 

sending all my condolence to his family. Rest In Peace. =(

his wake which will be lasting for 5 days.

this coming star award 2013, i heard that he has won something and his wife and daughter will be there to take it for him. =(

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