Apr 13, 2013

Things To Share

hello there.

tonight has been a busy night for me. the whole family went out for dinner, buy new shampoo *weeweet* and went for yamcha *decided by mi*. it was late night when i manage to sit in my favorite armchair and start typing in here.

now, there are a few things which i wanna share but it kept running off my mind. i don't know what has fill my mind nowadays. lol.

first of all, i broke my thumb finger. i had ranted about this on my twitter account since last week i think. it has get serious from day 1 and i think it's going to rip off any sooner. i don't think it is that obvious in this picture. the stupid *but faithful* camera of mine wouldn't let me snap a better picture so this is the best it can give me. ouh well. let it be in my time capsule for me alone then. lol. it is f***ing painful right now but since i had bear the pain for a few weeks now, this shouldn't be a problem right?

and don't worry. when this f***ing nail rips off, i'm sure to post it in here. it has been a great suffering for me. boo thumb. da laa it's one of my favorite nail and because of this, i can't do any manicure. boo it again.

ouh. guess who's at the background? ahak. =D

the next coming things are good stuff. please do keep in mind that this post are things that i just wanna share. =P

see that big yellow nose and red body? ;)

i am a big fan of him! he's super cute, adorable, smart, sweet, lovely,fabulous and everything good laa! beloved mi bought him for me. ahah. i couldn't say anything when she told me that she bought this for me. at times, i just can't understand her. when i really want something, she says "NO" but when i had forgotten all about it, she suddenly pops it out from nowhere and tells me that she got a surprise for me. ahah. =D

i will love you always mr elmo!
btw, mr cookie monster is in the glass shelf in my room now. don't wanna keep him by my side due to personal reasons. i do miss him at some nights though. =(

ouh well, third thing is...i got my passport! =D

this passport can't bring me go overseas though but it can earn me points and it is making me one of the VIP of my favorite beauty and health store. geez. i had been thinking about getting this some time ago but had been holding it out there for so long. finally, i decided that it has to be done sooner or later. anyway, always go there but gain no other profits wouldn't be THAT fun compare to gaining something right? *cheeky smile*

last but not least, vampire diaries. 

okay. i know that i am FARRRRR left behind but... do let me enjoy this feelings. buying it is impossible cause the money that i spend on this can be spend in a better way and since i'm gonna read it once only, why not just borrow it right? thanks to my beloved library in uni, i manage to get this books in my hand for 2 weeks. *better than nothing*

only in the first book though. =(

isin't she's cute. =D
i used her to be a stand for the books. 

and so that ends this post.

ahh. i think i had rest enough for this past week. next week, class are going to start as usual and my going-to-be-due assignment are not done yet. ouh God. what have i done. 

got to run! 

goodnight and....

one last picture. my french classmates always do this hairstyle when they come to class. i don't think i would dare to bring this in public eyes. haha. let it be in the pictures sudah. 

i look pale. is it because of the light or what ha? =________=
nah. i think it's the editing. silly me.

eunice gm.

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