Apr 21, 2013

You Are More Beautiful Than What You Thought

well, hello there. i would love to share this with people who would want to read this.

just watch the video okay?

done watching it? amazing right? the job itself is amazing but the fact that people thinks that we are much more beautiful than we think we are is truly amazing.

i always thinks that i have a ugly nose. i would love to have a higher bridge nose, or a button nose would be fine. i would love to have a smaller nose, and not this kenyah nose. haha. i would love to have a even eyes and longer eye lashes like my indian friends, and rounder eyes too. i would love to have straighter and whiter teeth and i would love to have a pretty jawline. i would love to have a not so huge forehead (another kenyah symbol) so that i wouldn't have to hide behind these bangs of mine. i would love to have a perfect face.

but after seeing this, i realized that that our facial looks is not just the only part of us that judges if we are pretty or not but instead, it is our personality which plays an important role. a person who gets to know us, maybe not through looks, will think that we are beautiful just because we smiled and talk with twinkling eyes.

therefore, ladies out there, your face is not everything.

You are MORE beautiful than what you think. NEVER EVER thinks that you are ugly.

so, goodbye plans to do plastic surgery for nose. haha.

i'm gonna learn to love my face the way i am. let's learn together okay?


just got back from church so snapsnap. learning to love this face. ><

eunice gm.

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