May 29, 2013

Knock Knock From Zalora

hello there!

i am in a happy mood that i think i can start dancing right now! =D

a few days ago, noo, to be exact, on monday night, i was freaking our cause i got no dinner bag to bring to the dinner on this friday, *will talk more about it soon* and the bags that i obtain was not really suitable for the dinner or my clothes. it's more to the mommy's handbags? ahah.

so, remembered about friends from the blogger world who blog about the speed of i decided to check it out and......

i found this. just perfect!

it took me only a few minutes to sign up and bambambam, i received a confirmation email saying that the parcel will be send to me in 3-5 working days. at first i was worry, what if the parcel arrived after friday? then, wouldn't it be wasted? 

however, i got a text message from them this morning and they said i will receive it in 24. i though it will arrive tomorrow but tuptup, 

a call from ta-q-bin and let the pictures speaks the rest of the story. =D

can't wait to wear this to the dinner this friday night! =D

P/S: thanks!

eunice gm.

signing off with a happy heart!

May 28, 2013

Final Exam Is Here!

hello there.

as you can see, the finals for this second semester of first year has reached. this is my study week right now and i kept thinking of food. =______=

yeah, think what you would like to think.

in hostel, i don't have the privilege to eat whatever i want cause it's tough to go all the way down to the 24 hour shop and get something plus the price there is much pricey compare to buying at petrol station so the thought of finding for food is always not there.

coming back home is a different story. i had my branch in the morning around 9 plus, then had nothing till 4.50pm which is my dinner. damn early dinner, i know. and had nothing since then.

i tried asking Deon to ride to the ramlee burger stall and get a hotdog for me *which by the way, theirs is the best i ever tasted* and i kept drooling for mcnuggets and fries! i kept thinking about it that i just can't concentrate on what i am trying to digest! *i mean books*

this picture speaks a thousand words.

how can i just stop myself from doing this to myself? a part of me is begging to drive out to the drive-thru and get this but at the same time, the other half is telling me that i have to control. it's so tough being in the middle between the two of "me". =________=

i had been drinking water from just now so that i would not think so much about food but... it keeps haunting me. lol.

i sound like a obesity kid huh? lol. fyi, i am healthy kay. ahah. a little big size but i think it's just nice. can be improve though. now, why am i talking about this?

i want food! p/s: mcnuggets!

anyway, all the best for those who are taking their finals soon!

i would love to say this but....

this sounds better la hor? =)

eunice gm.

May 26, 2013

Deon's Birthday Celebration And Shopping!

hello peeps!

it's 26 May 2013 and this day belongs to my little bro. ahah. i had send him my birthday shoutout but he seems too relax about it. no tears, no emotions. boo him. haha.

anyway, we celebrate his birthday by bringing him to Loud Speaker, Mount Austin and then bought a cake for him. well, it's his choice of place and flavor so i guess, he's happy? ahah.

i wonder what he wished for. lol. 

it was Oreo cheese cake by the way. hee.

aunt grace, mi, and bro.

anyway, end of Deon's story. let's talk me! =D

i went to Jusco Tebrau today and Padini there was selling most of their stuff at 50%! for three days only though and today was the last day. ouh well, as long i did get what i want! 

i got myself two pairs of shorts, and a HUGE singlet. i had been searching for these clothing but could not find them anywhere that i had been too. it's either too short or either too long and these just fits me perfectly! even the singlet too! ya know, there are some singlets which are made specially for those tinny skinny people and i am obviously not one of those people so it's kinda hard for me to find one that suits me for outhings or going to gym. now, that i got myself one, i'm super excited!

so, no regrets that my money is getting lesser as time past. it's used in the right way wadd! =P

i super love this shorts! it's super cute! plus the buttons and all, it just make it perfect!

ANNNND, thanks to Miss Sha, i found out about Big Bad Wolf, which was in Jaybee at the moment. the discount can reach to 95% okaay! i did not intend to buy any books actually cause i wanted to keep some money for my singapore trip but... how can a lover of books come home empty handed right? ahah!

in the end, i bought two books, and mi, 2 books herself. she could not decide which to choose so she bought both but i memang went through the whole place laa. i wanted to get the best lor. 

"The Snow Flower and The Secret Fan" is currently my favorite right now. i just loves stories that tells about the people in China and how they manage to get through in life. it's just amazing to know that other people can be so strong so why can't i, right?

so, there. ouh! the price for the books that i bought was only rm8! i think the normal price is around rm30+? mi bought chicken soup, which i think is kinda pricey wan? but it's only rm10! 

it's till 2nd June! don't miss out! *only for jb-ians laa*

P/s: my thighs are sore. i had been doing some serious Pilates and i really hope it will give some good results soon. ahah. wish me luck! =D

eunice gm.

Birthday Shout out to G-Deon


this post is specially dedicated to my beloved-super-duper-annoying-but-love-him-to-bits brother, Deon. his full name is Gideon but as time goes by, the name Deon just sticks onto my lips. haha.

anyway, today, he is stepping into the quarter of his life, 15 years old. an age where mistakes are made and learn. it may be harshly learned or it may be from other people experience but whatever it is, just learn from all those mistakes and keep living your life.

this little brother of mine is annoying in his own way. he can kept asking questions *that's why he's known as the paranoid king* and he is also annoying when he kept taking my tees, phone, earphones, to be call his own. haihh.

but no matter how "bad" a person is, he is my lovely bro. no matter what i went through, he's the only GUY that i can rely on. he is always there when i cry my tears out, always there to tell me that i am beautiful when i kept complaining that i am gaining weight, he was there when i was through my tough time, helping me all the way.

put it into easy words, my mom is my wings and he is the wind. haha. ;)

to my beloved bro, enjoy your life but thread carefully in this harsh life. i know that YOLO but you can also die once. haha.

i love you bro. keep arguing with me but please, do let me win at times. =P

he's all grown up huh? do lock all the girls away. he is gonna catch their hearts. =P

nah! dedicate this song "without you" to you laa!

study smart and not study hard!


eunice gm.

May 25, 2013

Help! My eye!

heeloo there!

one more day had passed and i'm left with one week to finished up what i need to study but at the pace that i'm moving right now, i don't really think i can make it. lol.

anyway, yesterday, i woke up with a swollen eye. the feeling was so irritating that i had to wake up and check out my eye and man! i got a huge shock!

my eye was like this!

it was red and when i click my eye to close it, the white area start pouring out liquid! god. i seriously freak out when i saw what happen to my eye. if you guys don't know, the most important and favorite part of my body is my eyes. without it, i don't know if i can survive, so i went to the doctor lor to get it check. 

the first clinic that i went was a penawar and the doctor wasn't in cause he went for friday prayers and the nurse told me that it is red eye. chehh. simply say. but i did went and check with another doctor, which can consider as our panel clinic for now. 

it was dr Abraham and when he saw it, asked some questions and he told me,

"it is conjunctivitis."

i thought this only hits children but nah. i'm the living proof of it? haha! 

he gave me eye droplets, medicine to relieve pain and itchiness. he added that it is not contagious but i have to careful with what i touched before touching my eyes. haihh. doc, that is so hard to obey cause i'm the person who don't really care about those minor stuff. haha.

the reason that this thing can happen is maybe the bed that i am sleeping on is dusty and when dust enters my eye, i rubbed it too hard so it turn like that lor. our eye can be super sensitive eh? or is it just mine?

so peeps, if you ever feel itchy in your eyes or anything, don't rub. it will hurt your eyes and becomes like mine. haha. *touch wood*

eunice gm.

May 24, 2013

Love, A Gentle but Cruel Thing

heey there.

have you ever been in love?

i'm not talking about the love that is based on lust, or peer pressure but the kind of love i'm talking about is sacrificing for the other party. daring to give up everything and step together in times of trouble and happiness  daring to say no to the people who you have trust all this while and follow your heart that says this is the right move?

i'm not sure if i did. frankly speaking, i hate being in relationships. i dare to say that all these while, all the relationships that i had been in, is based on wants and not on my needs. well, it's not that i don't love those people...but...i don't think my love is big enough to sacrifice everything that i have right now.

i had seen relationships failing, relationships that looked real but all in it is fake, relationships that is too cold to be call a relationship. it just makes me cringe when someone talks about long term commitment.

thinking back, i guess that's just the few ways how God tries to teach me what is LOVE. He taught me so much about this issue that i learn to accept things the way it should be. i can say, i learn it the hard way?

i guess i fail? or am i just waiting for the right relationship?

according to the bible, based on Auburn,

1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
Its says "Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; 5 does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; 6 does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; 7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things."
 well, i can say my love has not been that huge before. only for one person but at times i don't know if i am doing the right thing. the people around me kept telling me that that is the best but... when the day is gone, you just can't help lying there, thinking about all the huge decisions that you had made in your life.


it does not have any meaning until someone comes by and give you a reason to do so.


a beautiful thing that hurts a perosn to the core,


a small feeling that could turn HUGE with time that goes by,


how can it be so gentle yet so cruel?

to quote Auburn again,

If you love someone, you understand when you're bad for them. And when they're bad for you. And out of love. You let them go. And the best way to let them go and get over heartbreak, is to find the author of love, ...the one who gave you that heart in the first place.
 soo, have you been in LOVE?

eunice gm.

May 23, 2013

Birthday Celebration At Loud Speaker

holla there!

having a great day so far? i am! i just finish doing basic pilates, my thighs are burning, and i got no class till 4pm! awesome? you tell me!

but i do have a HBS case study later on. haihh. i just hope i really do understand the case well enough to give explanation later on. haha.

the birthday chicks. <3!

anyway, yesterday evening, we girls went out for a ladies night out and basically to celebrate our friends birthday laa. these two girls will be 22 soon and since we won't be around, might as well celebrate it early and have a great night before we end this semester right?

time to introduce the main character for that night! =D

if not mistaken, this is suppose to be the gyiyomi style. 

theme: cute. cute or not? =D

a picture with the birthday girls. =)

a few of my favorite pictures. looking at these pictures, i do realize that
our time together is not that long anymore cause one will be graduating next year, others will be following soon in one year time and by then i will be all alone with their memories. well, what to do right? life has to go on. =(

My beloved senior, this awesome- cool- amazing- lady is my direct senior and i can say that she is the best laa! when we first met, people said that our characters were alike but i think hor, she muchx100 more than me leh. ahah. 

anyway, i do wish her a great journey ahead and when got money already then can take us go singapore. =D

anyway, cute or not? 

cute right??!!

up with the hello kity picture is mocha if not mistaken and the one with doraemon in it is dark chocolate mocha. all taste good just as it looks good. =D

tadaa! a classic look. =D

well, there was two phone which was on the go that night and right now i only have one phone pictures. next time only upload the other phone. 

have a happy day! keep smiling! ;)

Days may be bad but always remember that friends are there to help you go through.

eunice gm.

May 21, 2013

A Short Post. Nah. Not That Short.

hollla there!

it's been almost one week huh? nah. a few days. plus and minus.

the finals are near, study weeks is near, andddd, USS is near too! i'm like super excited when i think that i am actually going into singapore again after super sooo many years! the last time i went was on 12 dec 1993. yeah. i was only 1 at that time. and yeah, i am a little jakun. nah. i would say 99% jakun. ahah!

i had been trying to settle most of my things, the things that i can get it done with quick so that i don't have to rush when the time comes near, all almost done, except studying. i not yet begin when my friends are already in chapter two *they are nerds =P* and i am still in chapter 0. well, when it comes to studying, it all comes down to the "mood'. the mood is a very important thing. without the mood, there's nothing that can be achieve. nothing. maybe something but not much laa.

like today hor, i got no class laa but got a meeting at library for thursday class. so we did there and then our assignment and get done with it and i walk all the way to Cengal just to get chinese vegetarian food, though there are no meat but the fake meat still taste good! =D

after getting back to room, straight, and after enjoying that delicious- filling- chinese food, i get on with my work.

    • Slides for koQ 
    • Redo essay for english
    • Find crafts and ideas for father's day 
    • Do HBS case study

i can say it was really a good and productive day la for me. i think it's the first time i could get everything done in four hours time. haha.

anyway, i was talking with Kum, my roommate today about arranged marriage  she herself has a special one but it's without her's family knowledge and her family is the type that prefers arrange marriage  i asked her's opinions about this and she straight away answered me,

Kum:  "Aku taknak laa! aku kan lari kot dari rumah..tapi bukan dengan lelaki laa. seorang je. aku takkan kawin law dia orang tak nak bagi i kawin ngan dye."

well, i stand with her on this. i always believe that our life and fate is in our hand, and it is up to a person if he/she does not want to married with the family choice right? it's kinda scary for me cause i have seen relationships which last for more than 5 years ended up in a disaster and what more if we don't know that person? memang laa some will say that love can grow but when we talk about love, we talk about accepting that person together with their negatives too. so, how to know that person well enough to share everything with that person?

soo, what are YOUR opinions about this issue? yesh? or nah?

before i leave this platform  *influence of my prepaid speech* i would like to share with you guys a few quotes together with a few pictures. teehee!

this is the idea of a blog right? sharing and posting things that we want people or our self in the future to look back at it. =D

i like this picture cause it shows how busy i was but still got the time to play with phone. =D

and there, a short entry for today.

will be busy tomorrow. busy celebrating friends birthday. wee! 

happy monday blueeeturquoisepink!

eunice gm.

May 17, 2013

One Night Out With Love Cupids

hello there! i am sitting here in my pajamas  typing out this post, with a strong choc mint, capochino  and mocha running in my blood. *forgive me if i sound jittery*

Thursday, the day where we all celebrate the end of presentations and assignments. there are no denying that there are still assignments and presentation which are not done yet but at least, we are halfway through the battle right? ahah. ;)

the girls went for karaoke at Loud Speaker as the price this time is RM5.80 for 3 hours. it was worth it but it's so hard to book rooms, so the only time that they got empty rooms are on thursday, which is also the day where a friend, QX and i were bond to classes till 6.30pm. *cish*

we did missed out on the fun but we had our own fun by having a very romantic dinner under the orange light in a restaurant call The One Cafe n Bistro. the location is near Taman Sutera Utama, around Sutera Mall.

This is Salad Fried Prawn. they have really crispy yutiau, watermelon and honeydew with it all. it's super yummy!

QX ordered Chicken Chop with Thousand Island. i don't really like the taste of it cause it's full of thousand island but it's something different though.

AND behold, this is my share for the dinner. just the usual chicken chop but its called Forest Baked Chicken. it suits the taste of my mouth and i don't mind having to pay RM14.50 for this delicious meal. haha. once in a while its okay right? ;)

when the clock strikes 8.15pm, we went along to Jaybee. i wanted to bring this ladies to a cafe but it's kinda hard to think of a cafe where it's cozy enough for all of us. haha. the only place i can think of is J-co, starbucks, and coffee bean but all of it is inside City Square which by that time is about to close. so while we were walking around Bazar Karat, we came across a cafe like. it looks interesting but there wasn't anybody around so what we did was walk a little. who knows we were too curious and we went and asked lor. 

and we will never regret the moment ever again. ahah. =D

we saw this picture in one of the shelves and yesh, this was taken at the store.

the shop looks like a small kitchen at the front door so no one would have thought that it has a sitting area, they took our order and then we were told to go upstairs and wait. the stairs itself is an enchanted place like as we climb up the steep stairs. we then enter a non-smoking area where there are books and chairs and tables all around but the different thing about this cafe is that those stuff that i mention in there? 

it is all made out of recycle items. 

yup. you read that. 

maybe pictures speaks more. haha.

Our sitting area view. just look at all those furniture. so cozy right?

Just look at the amount of books behind of me! that's just half of it okay! =D

okay. don't look at the figurine. just look at the interior design. lol.

interesting chair right?


our drinks for the night. 

quarter of the shelves. 

the ceiling. if you are able to look closely, the lamps are being covered with papers. 

more books.

A classic view of the busy night life below us.

okay. i am obsessed. ahah.

this is the smoking area.

classic and modern? it's perfect.

the board along the wall.

can you guess what's this? ;)

the view from the smoking area. do you know that that restoran hua mui is actually a halal kopitiam? they sell  Chinese-like breakfast but they are halal.

one more view.

the ladies.

The design was awesome. people there were like taking lotsa pictures, and there were more people coming in after 9plus. i guess that was the time people start coming in for drinks kot.

there. more pictures of us. =D

i came straight from lecture plus presentation so i hope that explains why am i wearing a polo tee. =="

Say Cheese people! =D

and, we have reach the end. it was a long day. reaching utm around 11.40pm was tiring enough for us. haha. we did have fun though! next time we will be in the Library yea? ;)

Gonna jump into bed now. *yawn*

eunice gm.

UPDATE: The title is because in this group of friends, i am the cupid and they are the lovers so each time when we are in the "crazy- bitches" mood, what i will do is call out "Shoot!" and they will all put a BIG love on their head. i hope that explains why. LOL. =="

Roost Repurposed n Recycled Salad Bar
14, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johore Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
6.00pm - 12pm

The One Cafe n Bistro
70, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300, Johor, Malaysia