May 21, 2013

A Short Post. Nah. Not That Short.

hollla there!

it's been almost one week huh? nah. a few days. plus and minus.

the finals are near, study weeks is near, andddd, USS is near too! i'm like super excited when i think that i am actually going into singapore again after super sooo many years! the last time i went was on 12 dec 1993. yeah. i was only 1 at that time. and yeah, i am a little jakun. nah. i would say 99% jakun. ahah!

i had been trying to settle most of my things, the things that i can get it done with quick so that i don't have to rush when the time comes near, all almost done, except studying. i not yet begin when my friends are already in chapter two *they are nerds =P* and i am still in chapter 0. well, when it comes to studying, it all comes down to the "mood'. the mood is a very important thing. without the mood, there's nothing that can be achieve. nothing. maybe something but not much laa.

like today hor, i got no class laa but got a meeting at library for thursday class. so we did there and then our assignment and get done with it and i walk all the way to Cengal just to get chinese vegetarian food, though there are no meat but the fake meat still taste good! =D

after getting back to room, straight, and after enjoying that delicious- filling- chinese food, i get on with my work.

    • Slides for koQ 
    • Redo essay for english
    • Find crafts and ideas for father's day 
    • Do HBS case study

i can say it was really a good and productive day la for me. i think it's the first time i could get everything done in four hours time. haha.

anyway, i was talking with Kum, my roommate today about arranged marriage  she herself has a special one but it's without her's family knowledge and her family is the type that prefers arrange marriage  i asked her's opinions about this and she straight away answered me,

Kum:  "Aku taknak laa! aku kan lari kot dari rumah..tapi bukan dengan lelaki laa. seorang je. aku takkan kawin law dia orang tak nak bagi i kawin ngan dye."

well, i stand with her on this. i always believe that our life and fate is in our hand, and it is up to a person if he/she does not want to married with the family choice right? it's kinda scary for me cause i have seen relationships which last for more than 5 years ended up in a disaster and what more if we don't know that person? memang laa some will say that love can grow but when we talk about love, we talk about accepting that person together with their negatives too. so, how to know that person well enough to share everything with that person?

soo, what are YOUR opinions about this issue? yesh? or nah?

before i leave this platform  *influence of my prepaid speech* i would like to share with you guys a few quotes together with a few pictures. teehee!

this is the idea of a blog right? sharing and posting things that we want people or our self in the future to look back at it. =D

i like this picture cause it shows how busy i was but still got the time to play with phone. =D

and there, a short entry for today.

will be busy tomorrow. busy celebrating friends birthday. wee! 

happy monday blueeeturquoisepink!

eunice gm.

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