May 15, 2013

Angelina Jolie Got Her Breasts Remove

yup. you read that.

"the sexy, amazing, beautiful, Angelina Jolie has reveled that she recently went for a double mastectomy after she found out that her genetics tests showed signs that she may faced a high probability of developing breast cancer. Brad Pitt has been by her side all those time and she is recovering from it all."

it's so scary when news like this come across right?

she is a brave lady. that's all i could say. she gave up a important part of out women's body part just so she could continue to live her life to the fullest. yeah, she has great kids to watch over lor.

if i were in her shoes, with children and a loving partner, i think i would choose the same decision.

my aunt who is in new zealand has breast cancer too, she is going through chemotherapy right now and she is recovering from it all. it's scary when there is a possibility of having cancer, what more if it is breast cancer. however, no matter how scary it may be, we have to face reality and strive for our family and friends.  it may be tough but it will be worth it.

wishing Angelina Jolie a speedy recovery. =)


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