May 23, 2013

Birthday Celebration At Loud Speaker

holla there!

having a great day so far? i am! i just finish doing basic pilates, my thighs are burning, and i got no class till 4pm! awesome? you tell me!

but i do have a HBS case study later on. haihh. i just hope i really do understand the case well enough to give explanation later on. haha.

the birthday chicks. <3!

anyway, yesterday evening, we girls went out for a ladies night out and basically to celebrate our friends birthday laa. these two girls will be 22 soon and since we won't be around, might as well celebrate it early and have a great night before we end this semester right?

time to introduce the main character for that night! =D

if not mistaken, this is suppose to be the gyiyomi style. 

theme: cute. cute or not? =D

a picture with the birthday girls. =)

a few of my favorite pictures. looking at these pictures, i do realize that
our time together is not that long anymore cause one will be graduating next year, others will be following soon in one year time and by then i will be all alone with their memories. well, what to do right? life has to go on. =(

My beloved senior, this awesome- cool- amazing- lady is my direct senior and i can say that she is the best laa! when we first met, people said that our characters were alike but i think hor, she muchx100 more than me leh. ahah. 

anyway, i do wish her a great journey ahead and when got money already then can take us go singapore. =D

anyway, cute or not? 

cute right??!!

up with the hello kity picture is mocha if not mistaken and the one with doraemon in it is dark chocolate mocha. all taste good just as it looks good. =D

tadaa! a classic look. =D

well, there was two phone which was on the go that night and right now i only have one phone pictures. next time only upload the other phone. 

have a happy day! keep smiling! ;)

Days may be bad but always remember that friends are there to help you go through.

eunice gm.

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