May 26, 2013

Birthday Shout out to G-Deon


this post is specially dedicated to my beloved-super-duper-annoying-but-love-him-to-bits brother, Deon. his full name is Gideon but as time goes by, the name Deon just sticks onto my lips. haha.

anyway, today, he is stepping into the quarter of his life, 15 years old. an age where mistakes are made and learn. it may be harshly learned or it may be from other people experience but whatever it is, just learn from all those mistakes and keep living your life.

this little brother of mine is annoying in his own way. he can kept asking questions *that's why he's known as the paranoid king* and he is also annoying when he kept taking my tees, phone, earphones, to be call his own. haihh.

but no matter how "bad" a person is, he is my lovely bro. no matter what i went through, he's the only GUY that i can rely on. he is always there when i cry my tears out, always there to tell me that i am beautiful when i kept complaining that i am gaining weight, he was there when i was through my tough time, helping me all the way.

put it into easy words, my mom is my wings and he is the wind. haha. ;)

to my beloved bro, enjoy your life but thread carefully in this harsh life. i know that YOLO but you can also die once. haha.

i love you bro. keep arguing with me but please, do let me win at times. =P

he's all grown up huh? do lock all the girls away. he is gonna catch their hearts. =P

nah! dedicate this song "without you" to you laa!

study smart and not study hard!


eunice gm.

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