May 26, 2013

Deon's Birthday Celebration And Shopping!

hello peeps!

it's 26 May 2013 and this day belongs to my little bro. ahah. i had send him my birthday shoutout but he seems too relax about it. no tears, no emotions. boo him. haha.

anyway, we celebrate his birthday by bringing him to Loud Speaker, Mount Austin and then bought a cake for him. well, it's his choice of place and flavor so i guess, he's happy? ahah.

i wonder what he wished for. lol. 

it was Oreo cheese cake by the way. hee.

aunt grace, mi, and bro.

anyway, end of Deon's story. let's talk me! =D

i went to Jusco Tebrau today and Padini there was selling most of their stuff at 50%! for three days only though and today was the last day. ouh well, as long i did get what i want! 

i got myself two pairs of shorts, and a HUGE singlet. i had been searching for these clothing but could not find them anywhere that i had been too. it's either too short or either too long and these just fits me perfectly! even the singlet too! ya know, there are some singlets which are made specially for those tinny skinny people and i am obviously not one of those people so it's kinda hard for me to find one that suits me for outhings or going to gym. now, that i got myself one, i'm super excited!

so, no regrets that my money is getting lesser as time past. it's used in the right way wadd! =P

i super love this shorts! it's super cute! plus the buttons and all, it just make it perfect!

ANNNND, thanks to Miss Sha, i found out about Big Bad Wolf, which was in Jaybee at the moment. the discount can reach to 95% okaay! i did not intend to buy any books actually cause i wanted to keep some money for my singapore trip but... how can a lover of books come home empty handed right? ahah!

in the end, i bought two books, and mi, 2 books herself. she could not decide which to choose so she bought both but i memang went through the whole place laa. i wanted to get the best lor. 

"The Snow Flower and The Secret Fan" is currently my favorite right now. i just loves stories that tells about the people in China and how they manage to get through in life. it's just amazing to know that other people can be so strong so why can't i, right?

so, there. ouh! the price for the books that i bought was only rm8! i think the normal price is around rm30+? mi bought chicken soup, which i think is kinda pricey wan? but it's only rm10! 

it's till 2nd June! don't miss out! *only for jb-ians laa*

P/s: my thighs are sore. i had been doing some serious Pilates and i really hope it will give some good results soon. ahah. wish me luck! =D

eunice gm.

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