May 28, 2013

Final Exam Is Here!

hello there.

as you can see, the finals for this second semester of first year has reached. this is my study week right now and i kept thinking of food. =______=

yeah, think what you would like to think.

in hostel, i don't have the privilege to eat whatever i want cause it's tough to go all the way down to the 24 hour shop and get something plus the price there is much pricey compare to buying at petrol station so the thought of finding for food is always not there.

coming back home is a different story. i had my branch in the morning around 9 plus, then had nothing till 4.50pm which is my dinner. damn early dinner, i know. and had nothing since then.

i tried asking Deon to ride to the ramlee burger stall and get a hotdog for me *which by the way, theirs is the best i ever tasted* and i kept drooling for mcnuggets and fries! i kept thinking about it that i just can't concentrate on what i am trying to digest! *i mean books*

this picture speaks a thousand words.

how can i just stop myself from doing this to myself? a part of me is begging to drive out to the drive-thru and get this but at the same time, the other half is telling me that i have to control. it's so tough being in the middle between the two of "me". =________=

i had been drinking water from just now so that i would not think so much about food but... it keeps haunting me. lol.

i sound like a obesity kid huh? lol. fyi, i am healthy kay. ahah. a little big size but i think it's just nice. can be improve though. now, why am i talking about this?

i want food! p/s: mcnuggets!

anyway, all the best for those who are taking their finals soon!

i would love to say this but....

this sounds better la hor? =)

eunice gm.

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