May 25, 2013

Help! My eye!

heeloo there!

one more day had passed and i'm left with one week to finished up what i need to study but at the pace that i'm moving right now, i don't really think i can make it. lol.

anyway, yesterday, i woke up with a swollen eye. the feeling was so irritating that i had to wake up and check out my eye and man! i got a huge shock!

my eye was like this!

it was red and when i click my eye to close it, the white area start pouring out liquid! god. i seriously freak out when i saw what happen to my eye. if you guys don't know, the most important and favorite part of my body is my eyes. without it, i don't know if i can survive, so i went to the doctor lor to get it check. 

the first clinic that i went was a penawar and the doctor wasn't in cause he went for friday prayers and the nurse told me that it is red eye. chehh. simply say. but i did went and check with another doctor, which can consider as our panel clinic for now. 

it was dr Abraham and when he saw it, asked some questions and he told me,

"it is conjunctivitis."

i thought this only hits children but nah. i'm the living proof of it? haha! 

he gave me eye droplets, medicine to relieve pain and itchiness. he added that it is not contagious but i have to careful with what i touched before touching my eyes. haihh. doc, that is so hard to obey cause i'm the person who don't really care about those minor stuff. haha.

the reason that this thing can happen is maybe the bed that i am sleeping on is dusty and when dust enters my eye, i rubbed it too hard so it turn like that lor. our eye can be super sensitive eh? or is it just mine?

so peeps, if you ever feel itchy in your eyes or anything, don't rub. it will hurt your eyes and becomes like mine. haha. *touch wood*

eunice gm.

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