May 6, 2013


hello there.

sleep good last night? =)

well, the results are out and i aren't happy with the results. in fact i was crying away with the reporter on TV3 babel-ling on, when i saw all those videos on facebook. videos of empty votes paper being transported  police not doing anything but letting those cars in, the spirit of justice of the people around there. it was just so sad and touching.

frankly speaking, i don't think i am a patriotic person cause i always think of migrating overseas and leave Malaysia but horoscope and numerology has always shown that i AM a patriotic person, its always saying that i love my country and would die for it. LOL. i was always brushing it off cause i thought that i just love my country but not all ready to die. haha. but who knows, someone came up to me and said, "You should be a politician." =_________=  okkay? i did not expect that i was showing too much of this patriotic thing. LOL. but i DO love Malaysia okay! =P

anyway, since the results are out, what i now expect from our leaders is that they will do their job properly from now onward.  it will not end here you know? the people of this land just get stronger when these things happen. the fake voters, fake votes, blackout,  free IC's, all this are making the people stronger in doing justice to this land. this is just the beginning.

it is sad that they would be this pathetic to do these kind of stuff but since God let it happen, i'm sure there is a reason. maybe God wants the people of this land to be stronger and hit them back stronger the next time. ahah. i just hope our land don't go bankrupt first by then. LOL.

by the way, i was in a group called, "1Malaysia Rakyat Didahulukan" and someone posted this,

"haha tula bila orang kata bodoh marah. skrg macai macai klau ada maruah sila tinggal negara ye. mana putrajaya korang ? LAIN KALI LAH haha kesian memalukan !!! boooooo orang tak ikhlas selalu kalah ada hati nak merintah negara stupid booooo. barisan nasional selamanya :D Aminnnn syukur padanya :)"

its sad to read that. where is the 1Malaysia spirit?

and did you see those racist remarks on DAP? its just so unreasonable.

there are sayings that Malaysia are for malays, DAP are just helping chinese, and many more laa. but then, do they know that when the japanese came to malaysia *or Tanah Melayu* during that time, who fought? only the malays? chinese and indians do nothing? how many people died? only the malays? no chinese or indians who died too? do they know that the japan tortured and killed so many chinese during that time, just because of their hatred for china?

i think it's too selfish to say that. if they wanna said that, they shouldn't have accept the chinese and indians in the first place, sarawak and sabah should also not join malaysia. that would be "perfect" right?

but try to imagine this land without the other races, will it still be MALAYSIA? i doubt so.

and being me, a person who holds the same status as the bumiputras but have the skin of a chinese, i just want a fair nation. it's that simple but it seems impossible.

Malaysia may be won by them but Malaysians had be won by the opposition."

God bless Malaysia.

P/S: This post is based on my pure feelings. If there are any other opinions, do do your own post. =)

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