May 17, 2013

One Night Out With Love Cupids

hello there! i am sitting here in my pajamas  typing out this post, with a strong choc mint, capochino  and mocha running in my blood. *forgive me if i sound jittery*

Thursday, the day where we all celebrate the end of presentations and assignments. there are no denying that there are still assignments and presentation which are not done yet but at least, we are halfway through the battle right? ahah. ;)

the girls went for karaoke at Loud Speaker as the price this time is RM5.80 for 3 hours. it was worth it but it's so hard to book rooms, so the only time that they got empty rooms are on thursday, which is also the day where a friend, QX and i were bond to classes till 6.30pm. *cish*

we did missed out on the fun but we had our own fun by having a very romantic dinner under the orange light in a restaurant call The One Cafe n Bistro. the location is near Taman Sutera Utama, around Sutera Mall.

This is Salad Fried Prawn. they have really crispy yutiau, watermelon and honeydew with it all. it's super yummy!

QX ordered Chicken Chop with Thousand Island. i don't really like the taste of it cause it's full of thousand island but it's something different though.

AND behold, this is my share for the dinner. just the usual chicken chop but its called Forest Baked Chicken. it suits the taste of my mouth and i don't mind having to pay RM14.50 for this delicious meal. haha. once in a while its okay right? ;)

when the clock strikes 8.15pm, we went along to Jaybee. i wanted to bring this ladies to a cafe but it's kinda hard to think of a cafe where it's cozy enough for all of us. haha. the only place i can think of is J-co, starbucks, and coffee bean but all of it is inside City Square which by that time is about to close. so while we were walking around Bazar Karat, we came across a cafe like. it looks interesting but there wasn't anybody around so what we did was walk a little. who knows we were too curious and we went and asked lor. 

and we will never regret the moment ever again. ahah. =D

we saw this picture in one of the shelves and yesh, this was taken at the store.

the shop looks like a small kitchen at the front door so no one would have thought that it has a sitting area, they took our order and then we were told to go upstairs and wait. the stairs itself is an enchanted place like as we climb up the steep stairs. we then enter a non-smoking area where there are books and chairs and tables all around but the different thing about this cafe is that those stuff that i mention in there? 

it is all made out of recycle items. 

yup. you read that. 

maybe pictures speaks more. haha.

Our sitting area view. just look at all those furniture. so cozy right?

Just look at the amount of books behind of me! that's just half of it okay! =D

okay. don't look at the figurine. just look at the interior design. lol.

interesting chair right?


our drinks for the night. 

quarter of the shelves. 

the ceiling. if you are able to look closely, the lamps are being covered with papers. 

more books.

A classic view of the busy night life below us.

okay. i am obsessed. ahah.

this is the smoking area.

classic and modern? it's perfect.

the board along the wall.

can you guess what's this? ;)

the view from the smoking area. do you know that that restoran hua mui is actually a halal kopitiam? they sell  Chinese-like breakfast but they are halal.

one more view.

the ladies.

The design was awesome. people there were like taking lotsa pictures, and there were more people coming in after 9plus. i guess that was the time people start coming in for drinks kot.

there. more pictures of us. =D

i came straight from lecture plus presentation so i hope that explains why am i wearing a polo tee. =="

Say Cheese people! =D

and, we have reach the end. it was a long day. reaching utm around 11.40pm was tiring enough for us. haha. we did have fun though! next time we will be in the Library yea? ;)

Gonna jump into bed now. *yawn*

eunice gm.

UPDATE: The title is because in this group of friends, i am the cupid and they are the lovers so each time when we are in the "crazy- bitches" mood, what i will do is call out "Shoot!" and they will all put a BIG love on their head. i hope that explains why. LOL. =="

Roost Repurposed n Recycled Salad Bar
14, Jalan Trus, 80000 Johore Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
6.00pm - 12pm

The One Cafe n Bistro
70, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4, Taman Sutera Utama, 81300, Johor, Malaysia

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