May 4, 2013

Talk Politic

hello there. its the first post after so long right? ahah. time has been running after me and i just thought about posting this for a few minutes.  i tried not to tweet or talk about politics with my friends or anybody cause that is consider a taboo but there are some things that we, bloggers, the media for sharing information, has to share.

first of all, i wish i could vote. having no power to vote is a sucky feelings and i just wish i could have the chance to do something for our beloved nation. she has been through a lot and the people itself has been through a lot. don't say that i am talking big here okay? i just wanna share my feelings and my observation.

there are many post in facebook and twitter and wherever  comparing the good and the bad of each parti and i don't think i have to do it here however, i think a chance should be given to both parties. BN has had its share of 50 years, so why not give 5 years to Pakatan Rakyat? 50 years should be enough for you to have your share of the cake right? no harm in letting another parti takes over right?

have you seen the videos and pictures?

we were on our way back from sutera mall and we saw people holding DAP and PAS flags, signs saying "Hon if you want a change." and stuff like that.

and this incident happens in somewhere else.

seen this video?

it's horrible.

people throwing money to the people, promising condos and many more. you can read it here for yourself.

people throwing stuff at each other, fights at restaurants and the worst of it all?

foreign workers becoming our people. well, i have nothing against them but if this is my homeland, i wouldn't want to share it with some people who don't care for our homeland. their main purpose in coming here to our nation is to find food for their family back at home and they should earn it and not just gaining it so easily? where is malaysia's pride then?

i believe that we are a nation that is growing each day to become a successful nation but by us giving nationality away so easily, wouldn't it be a threat when other nations wanna rule our country? there is always a threat though we are in the year of 2013 *that's why we have army* so why let in threats into our country? anything could happen ya know?

i don't know what to say but the only thing i can do right now is to pray and i know God works His best when the time is needed to do so.

all the best malaysia. i love you.

by the way, do take a look at this if you are new to this. i am too. =)

happy election day beloved people. may peace fills malaysia tomorrow.

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