Jun 20, 2013

Final Is Officially Over

heeyo folks!

today is the first day of my semester break and i am officially a second year right now. woohoo. it feels sad that i am just a second year student but at least its better than nothing right?

time past super fast huh? its only like yesterday that i met these new people and now its already over and we are all going to be stepping in together into second year together.

it will soon be one year more and off i go into the working society. man. its so scary so better keep all those memories ketat-ketat. it can run off fast. haha.

soo what is my plan for the holidays? well, dozing around, enjoying the dirty air, you know, gathering fats. ahah. obviously not that, i had tried so hard to lose weight and plans to get it all back? nah-ah.

i will be working starting next monday with my aunt and i am sure there won't be any internet connection and even if there is, i'm sure i can't find the time to use it. and i will be going for a mini vacation with my BFF! woohoo! it will be on the 10th of July till 13th July and i just can't wait! i still not yet plan on what to bring go cause this is my first time ever snorkeling trip. wee!

anyway, the view above was taken from our balcony in hostel. during usual days, there is a nice view of the apartments and buildings but all we could see was "genting highlands dirty air". stay save people.

remember to avoid outdoor activities, drink lot's of water and always wear your mask when you are out there. 

will update soon!

eunice gm.

Jun 19, 2013

Happy Birthday AF!

see how much my girl had grown? ;)

heyheyhey! today, 19 June 2013 is the full 21 years of a girl, a full grown up lady who had been alive in this world. its a wonder and great big thanks to God for if she had not been born, i would not had learned the things that i had learned from this beautiful girl, nor would i know her personally.

she had been an awesome girlfriend. if i would plus and minus the years of our friendship, i think it begins from primary 6? 9 years already lor.

our friendship did not start out like the usual BFF forever style? we were more to "can i borrow mary-kate and ashley book?" and since she was like the only girl who speaks good english in class, i manage to click on with her. when we hit highschool, we went our separate ways till one fine day, during form 3, we met once again.

and how we can ended up this close eh babe? its my honor though to be able to be friends with you. you gave me something different in my life. you are the one who can be bitchy with me. the others do that too but you are the best! *insert kisses* lol. the memories of we spending out time on your bed, cam-whoring, bitching about others, oh man. it was awesome memories. =')

i really wanna thank you for still being a friend though our relationship has somehow be a long distance relationship? but we still manage to stick together eh? i hope and pray that it continues! =D

and, hereby, i just wanna say, Happy Birthday Girlfie! be strong when the wind blows you down in life cause you can always count on us to back you up again eh? don't forget your bestie Anna too!

i love you darl! God bless in everything!

dedicating a song for my friend!

i'm dedicating this song cause i wanna let you know that the world can be a harsh place but when there are friends who can faced it with you?

everything is going to be alright. =)

eunice gm.

Jun 12, 2013

Justin Bieber Turned Away From Night Club

hell there folks! howya doing?

i heard this news not long ago on the radio and today, it pops up on my screen. i won't deny that i am a fan of J-Beep. ahah. he's cute and his latest album was awesome so, yeah.

anyway, this 19 year-old guy *two years younger than me oh* was turned away from Lure night club because of his age. over there, you have to be 21 year-old to be officially adult but J-Beep just wanna go against it huh?

The club in Hollywood was having their Toxic Luau Beach Day party and among the celebrity guests were Christina Millian, Reggie Bush and Quincy Jones Brown.

someone from J-Beep's team had come earlier in the day and told the club that he would be showing up and the club told him that they wound not let him in because he is not 21.

despite the warning, he showed up anyway. "Bieber came anyways and tried to sneak in through the back door."

the fun night didn't last very long for the "All around the world" singer, rapper, Game gave away Justin's whereabouts when the former gave the latter a shout out.

The source added, "The Game was on the mic at this point and saw Bieber trying to get in and shouted that Bieber was on his way inside. that's when security saw him and escorted him out immediately. he left right away, he seemed really embarrassed."

haihh, J-Beep, J-Beep, why can't you wait? as if there is no other night club that you can go to. haha.

it's not bad to be infamous huh? i can sneak in anytime i want and no one will give a shout out to me on stage. ahah.

okaay. time to leave this platform. i just got back from the gym and have to head to the showers. i stinks! >_<

credits: http://galaxieblog.com.my/blog/permalink.asp?id=6833

eunice gm.

Jun 11, 2013

Hello Kitty Malaysia Gila Sales Online is LIVE Now!

A Super Good News to all Hello Kitty Fans!!

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Jun 10, 2013

Yawning Is Contagious

hi there!

running in here to share something!

i read in a fact website before that yawning is contagious and our brain will sub-consciously yawn when the brain records that someone nearby is yawning.

i tried this before with my friends and i found out that it works! when i told her that yawning is contagious, then only she realized she was yawning all the time after i finished with a yawn. ahah!

here is a video to show you guys that its true!

try it with your friends! =D

P/S: did you yawn? i did not yawn. i was telling myself not to. =P

eunice gm.

Done With Titas

hello there.

a short post.

i feel so disappointing right now. haihh. the exam was not what i had expected. it was super hard! i wonder why and how a chinese guy came out right after 30 minutes. i was struggling and off he went. maybe he main tembak all the way? haha!

i finished the exam exactly at 10.25pm, 5 minutes to recheck my answers and get ready to past it up. haihh. it was not a good paper.

Uztad asked me,

uztad: how? okay ke?
me: *look up with phatactic eyes* 
uztad: *smiling*

haihh. he can only smile and i can only cry? i just hope my carry marks will be okay. >_<

however, i am GLAD that three papers are down. i am left with 3 more papers before the holidays begin.

all the best to those who are still striving! =D

only works with titas subject. =P

eunice gm.

2 Down 4 To Go

hello there!

how was the weekend? anything fun going on? i had fun. i ate alot. =D

i was on duty today in children church and the children have to do crafts and get ready their songs for the father's day event. they are cute. =D

there was a little conflict *own perception* but i don't think i would enjoy blogging about it so down it goes to the back of my brain laa. *shooshoo*

anyway, i had kick the ass of two papers, which is english and organizational behavior. well, i can say it's okay-okay? i do think that i came out a little too early though. i was the first local student in my section to came out early and man. it was not a good sign? haha!

dr saw me and,

Dr: how was it?
me: okay sir?
Dr: good.. good.. *smiling*
me: it was good but don't know if its good with you laa. 
Dr: *laughing*

man. i just hope that joke wasn't a rude joke. errk. lol. sometimes this mouth of mine cannot keep it shut wan oh. haha.

ohyea! i'm gonna take my Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia tomorrow morning at the new library. if i got the chance, i try to grab some pictures? friends said that they had not fully open up the space yet so can't really see anything in there except for a few Bilik Kuliah for people to take exams in.

damn. i just hope i don't fuck up this paper. i had done my past-year research and whatever that i think can help me to get better grades but just now, a call came.

"The format has change laa. you are reading the old version past paper."

when i got that phone call, i went...




i think i am fuck up right? lol.

well, let's just see how la tomorrow.

wish me all the best eh? =)

eunice gm.

Jun 7, 2013

"Don't Let Bullies To Let You Down" Demi to Paris

hello there!

had been reading about Paris Jackson and i just hope she is okay. many people had been showing her love and that includes me too! =P

anyway, Demi Lovato who had never been shy about her bipolar disorder, bulimia and self-harming had used twitter to encourage 15-year-old Paris to "stay strong".

the singer of "Heart Attack" reached out to Paris by tweeting: "Dear Paris Jackson, don't let bullies to let you down. We believe in you!! Stay strong, Please."

Paris had harmed herself when she was not allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert and according to The Sun newspaper, "Paris feels that no one in her family 'gets' her any more and she feels isolated and alone." the source also added that Paris screamed, "I wish my daddy was here" before she tried to take her life.

Marilyn extended an invite to one of his shows when Paris is feeling better after learning about the incident. he told TMZ, "I hope you feel better. you will be on my guest list anytime you want."

Get well soon Paris. and do stay strong. =)

credits: http://galaxieblog.com.my/blog/permalink.asp?id=6823

eunice gm.

Jun 6, 2013

Reason behind MJ's Daughter Trying To Kill Herself

hello there!

i posted about MJ's daughter was admitted to hospital because of attempting suicide right? Read here for more details.

well, the reason behind this was because she was not allowed to go to Alice Cooper's concert. She lock herself in her bedroom before cutting her arm, leaving a note and calling the suicide hotline.

Paris's mom, Debbie Row said that Paris had a lot going on lately. well, the media are digging that Michael is abusing the children laa, details of his drugs use and questions about whether he is the kids biological father.

right now, her grandmother, Katherine Jackson had told the press that Paris is "physically fine and getting appropriate medical attention" at a hospital after the suicide attempt.

haihh. i would blame it on the media. haha. boo media.

i hope she get well soon. be strong Paris!

credits: http://galaxieblog.com.my/blog/permalink.asp?id=6822

eunice gm.

Paris Jackson Attempts Suicide

hello there!

i woke up to some interesting news, like Miley is going to sing a song about drugs and THIS.

i guess everyone knows who is this Paris Jackson right? if you don't know, then you sure know who is Michael Jackson? haha. Paris Jackson is obviously this legend daughter.

She was taken from Calabasas, California around 2am on 5th of June and had been placed on a stretcher and taken to a nearby hospital. The caller to 911 allegedly told operators that Paris Jackson had cut her wrists.

meanwhile, on 4th June, Paris tweeted, "I wonder why tears re salty?" she then added the lines to the Beatles song, Yesterday: "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay."

sad hor?

see? it's not easy to be in the spotlight. many had taken down this road but thank God Paris survived it. i just hope she will find something that can change her perception on life.

credits: http://galaxieblog.com.my/blog/permalink.asp?id=6819

eunice gm.

Jun 5, 2013

Lunch Date With Le Girls

hello there!

finals has officially begin which means that soon, it will be holidays! woohoo!

i started with english paper today and 5 more papers to go. i just hope everything goes smoothly. i really wanna gain a scholarship with this semester results so i have to get really good results haihh. it's tough to be a student eh? at the same time, i have to be good in my activities which i think are much more important than academic cause going out there to the world, it's all about what can you do and not what did you learn.

anyway, last sunday, Di was away at work so i took the opportunity to go out with my friends. we went to subway nearby out place, boy, our place is growing, rumors are saying that soon there will be a cinema, gosh. how time past huh?

back to the story, we met up around 10 plus and ate to our heart's content. it was yummy but too messy? i think i took too much veggies. we laughed, we talked, we discuss about our future and we act a little gaga with WeChat. lol. and also, of course there is photo session laa. hehe. how can THAT be forgotten?

my ladies are growing up and boy, they are a fully grown ladies liao. soon, they will be walking down the aisle and i will be a auntie soon! woohoo! *long way to go but yeah..*

it was a short reunion but we had fun. just food, laughter, pictures to remind us of the memories, and lotsa planning of the future. i am grateful that i have these amazing friends. it is an honor to be their BFF. =)

eunice gm.

Jun 1, 2013

Monsta Cafe

hello there!

i am too bored with my books so i thought why not blog about the cafe that we had visited a week ago? okaay. a little basi but still a memory to keep. =D

the full post on how we can end up here is in here so go read if you are interested.

anyway, let's begin.

here we are, once you see this shop, you can feel the unique feelings of this cafe. it's looks like a play land right? =D

Upstairs, you will be greeted with this. WELCOME! =D

I love this picture! ahah. she is my senior but at the same time this picture is emphasizing on the interior design of this cafe too. =P

This is the downstairs area.

AND of course, the washroom. it looks like play land but inside is nothing much. they could have done better but ah well, it's still beautiful. 

soo, you can find out more in their facebook page and i think hor, i can only give this cafe 3 stars? haha. many things can be improve still and hope they take note of that? =)

Monsta Cafe
157 & 157A, Jalan Bestari 1/5, Taman Nusa Bestari, Johor, Skudai, 81300
07-556 7128
FB Page: Monsta Cafe

eunice gm.

Four Year Old Kai Sings "When I Was Your Man"

hello there!

having a great day? or a bad day? whatever it is, keep smiling and be strong cause there is always a rainbow after the rain.

a video to cheer you guys up!

he is super duper adorable! the way he sing is sooooo cute! and, when he hold Ellen's hand, ohman. i was going "Auuuuw" on top of my voice!

anyway, done with the "ouhhhs" and "ahhhhs"? ;)

i just got back from the exam dinner and man, it went bad at first but i think i manage to get over the bad stuff and everything went back to normal soon later?

pictures will be upload soon. *when i can paw them from others. lol*

i am glad that everything is over and i do learn a lot. well, leaving here with a goodnight kiss and hugs!

eunice gm.