Jun 10, 2013

2 Down 4 To Go

hello there!

how was the weekend? anything fun going on? i had fun. i ate alot. =D

i was on duty today in children church and the children have to do crafts and get ready their songs for the father's day event. they are cute. =D

there was a little conflict *own perception* but i don't think i would enjoy blogging about it so down it goes to the back of my brain laa. *shooshoo*

anyway, i had kick the ass of two papers, which is english and organizational behavior. well, i can say it's okay-okay? i do think that i came out a little too early though. i was the first local student in my section to came out early and man. it was not a good sign? haha!

dr saw me and,

Dr: how was it?
me: okay sir?
Dr: good.. good.. *smiling*
me: it was good but don't know if its good with you laa. 
Dr: *laughing*

man. i just hope that joke wasn't a rude joke. errk. lol. sometimes this mouth of mine cannot keep it shut wan oh. haha.

ohyea! i'm gonna take my Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia tomorrow morning at the new library. if i got the chance, i try to grab some pictures? friends said that they had not fully open up the space yet so can't really see anything in there except for a few Bilik Kuliah for people to take exams in.

damn. i just hope i don't fuck up this paper. i had done my past-year research and whatever that i think can help me to get better grades but just now, a call came.

"The format has change laa. you are reading the old version past paper."

when i got that phone call, i went...




i think i am fuck up right? lol.

well, let's just see how la tomorrow.

wish me all the best eh? =)

eunice gm.

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