Jun 10, 2013

Done With Titas

hello there.

a short post.

i feel so disappointing right now. haihh. the exam was not what i had expected. it was super hard! i wonder why and how a chinese guy came out right after 30 minutes. i was struggling and off he went. maybe he main tembak all the way? haha!

i finished the exam exactly at 10.25pm, 5 minutes to recheck my answers and get ready to past it up. haihh. it was not a good paper.

Uztad asked me,

uztad: how? okay ke?
me: *look up with phatactic eyes* 
uztad: *smiling*

haihh. he can only smile and i can only cry? i just hope my carry marks will be okay. >_<

however, i am GLAD that three papers are down. i am left with 3 more papers before the holidays begin.

all the best to those who are still striving! =D

only works with titas subject. =P

eunice gm.

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