Jun 7, 2013

"Don't Let Bullies To Let You Down" Demi to Paris

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had been reading about Paris Jackson and i just hope she is okay. many people had been showing her love and that includes me too! =P

anyway, Demi Lovato who had never been shy about her bipolar disorder, bulimia and self-harming had used twitter to encourage 15-year-old Paris to "stay strong".

the singer of "Heart Attack" reached out to Paris by tweeting: "Dear Paris Jackson, don't let bullies to let you down. We believe in you!! Stay strong, Please."

Paris had harmed herself when she was not allowed to attend a Marilyn Manson concert and according to The Sun newspaper, "Paris feels that no one in her family 'gets' her any more and she feels isolated and alone." the source also added that Paris screamed, "I wish my daddy was here" before she tried to take her life.

Marilyn extended an invite to one of his shows when Paris is feeling better after learning about the incident. he told TMZ, "I hope you feel better. you will be on my guest list anytime you want."

Get well soon Paris. and do stay strong. =)

credits: http://galaxieblog.com.my/blog/permalink.asp?id=6823

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