Jun 20, 2013

Final Is Officially Over

heeyo folks!

today is the first day of my semester break and i am officially a second year right now. woohoo. it feels sad that i am just a second year student but at least its better than nothing right?

time past super fast huh? its only like yesterday that i met these new people and now its already over and we are all going to be stepping in together into second year together.

it will soon be one year more and off i go into the working society. man. its so scary so better keep all those memories ketat-ketat. it can run off fast. haha.

soo what is my plan for the holidays? well, dozing around, enjoying the dirty air, you know, gathering fats. ahah. obviously not that, i had tried so hard to lose weight and plans to get it all back? nah-ah.

i will be working starting next monday with my aunt and i am sure there won't be any internet connection and even if there is, i'm sure i can't find the time to use it. and i will be going for a mini vacation with my BFF! woohoo! it will be on the 10th of July till 13th July and i just can't wait! i still not yet plan on what to bring go cause this is my first time ever snorkeling trip. wee!

anyway, the view above was taken from our balcony in hostel. during usual days, there is a nice view of the apartments and buildings but all we could see was "genting highlands dirty air". stay save people.

remember to avoid outdoor activities, drink lot's of water and always wear your mask when you are out there. 

will update soon!

eunice gm.

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