Jun 1, 2013

Four Year Old Kai Sings "When I Was Your Man"

hello there!

having a great day? or a bad day? whatever it is, keep smiling and be strong cause there is always a rainbow after the rain.

a video to cheer you guys up!

he is super duper adorable! the way he sing is sooooo cute! and, when he hold Ellen's hand, ohman. i was going "Auuuuw" on top of my voice!

anyway, done with the "ouhhhs" and "ahhhhs"? ;)

i just got back from the exam dinner and man, it went bad at first but i think i manage to get over the bad stuff and everything went back to normal soon later?

pictures will be upload soon. *when i can paw them from others. lol*

i am glad that everything is over and i do learn a lot. well, leaving here with a goodnight kiss and hugs!

eunice gm.

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