Jun 12, 2013

Justin Bieber Turned Away From Night Club

hell there folks! howya doing?

i heard this news not long ago on the radio and today, it pops up on my screen. i won't deny that i am a fan of J-Beep. ahah. he's cute and his latest album was awesome so, yeah.

anyway, this 19 year-old guy *two years younger than me oh* was turned away from Lure night club because of his age. over there, you have to be 21 year-old to be officially adult but J-Beep just wanna go against it huh?

The club in Hollywood was having their Toxic Luau Beach Day party and among the celebrity guests were Christina Millian, Reggie Bush and Quincy Jones Brown.

someone from J-Beep's team had come earlier in the day and told the club that he would be showing up and the club told him that they wound not let him in because he is not 21.

despite the warning, he showed up anyway. "Bieber came anyways and tried to sneak in through the back door."

the fun night didn't last very long for the "All around the world" singer, rapper, Game gave away Justin's whereabouts when the former gave the latter a shout out.

The source added, "The Game was on the mic at this point and saw Bieber trying to get in and shouted that Bieber was on his way inside. that's when security saw him and escorted him out immediately. he left right away, he seemed really embarrassed."

haihh, J-Beep, J-Beep, why can't you wait? as if there is no other night club that you can go to. haha.

it's not bad to be infamous huh? i can sneak in anytime i want and no one will give a shout out to me on stage. ahah.

okaay. time to leave this platform. i just got back from the gym and have to head to the showers. i stinks! >_<

credits: http://galaxieblog.com.my/blog/permalink.asp?id=6833

eunice gm.

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