Jun 6, 2013

Reason behind MJ's Daughter Trying To Kill Herself

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i posted about MJ's daughter was admitted to hospital because of attempting suicide right? Read here for more details.

well, the reason behind this was because she was not allowed to go to Alice Cooper's concert. She lock herself in her bedroom before cutting her arm, leaving a note and calling the suicide hotline.

Paris's mom, Debbie Row said that Paris had a lot going on lately. well, the media are digging that Michael is abusing the children laa, details of his drugs use and questions about whether he is the kids biological father.

right now, her grandmother, Katherine Jackson had told the press that Paris is "physically fine and getting appropriate medical attention" at a hospital after the suicide attempt.

haihh. i would blame it on the media. haha. boo media.

i hope she get well soon. be strong Paris!

credits: http://galaxieblog.com.my/blog/permalink.asp?id=6822

eunice gm.

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