Jul 21, 2013

Travel- Kuala Terengganu

heeyoo! finally got the time to sit down and write out a post on our first ever vacation together!
*it's 12.10am*

my time had been running and i feel so tired that i don't even have the time to "karang" this post of mine so please brain, do let the ideas flow. i just hope i remembered what i experienced there.

we left from Pasir Gudang at 10am but somehow, our bus got stuck in johor bahru and we got to transit to another bus which took us straight to kuala terengganu in 12 hours. yup. 12 hours. we arrived in kuala terengganu around 10pm?

i think it's because the bus kept stopping to pick up people and they stop to break their fast but as long we reached there safely, it's the best la hor?

my girl, reshie and i on the bus? forgive our faces. we had been on the bus for 8 hours???

our hotel room view. not a good wan but it was a good place to rest our head for the night. =)

it was a budget hotel and our one night there with 1 queen and 1 single bed was at the price of RM70. cheap right?? their services was quite good too! 

me with our food of the day. 

this is call "Small Bun" also known as "Xiao Mien Bao". its damn delicious. next time must get one whole piece per person. no sharing. =P

their so-call-famous-chah-kuey-tiau. not nice wan. not worth it. hmmp.

i don't have much view of the town but i have this. ahah.

Masjid Kristal. beautiful isn't it?

we then met up with the others at their IPG and head off together to the jeti. 

me, reshie, and sha. =D

i don't know what pantai is this but it looks fabulous!

the jeti that we are supposed to wait. =________=

2 hours of waiting for the speedboat but actually we waited at the wrong place. haihh.

but we had fun taking photos!

on the way to the real jeti. =D 
i just can't resists this background. we did not have the time to amend this but this will do. =D

one more selfie! =D

will continue soon on part 2- Pulau Perhentian! 

eunice gm.

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