Aug 16, 2013

An Update

heey! heey! heey!

it's been a while huh? i miss home. i miss everything. ahh. it feels super good to be at home! i have another two weeks more to work though and one week to prepare for university life. ahh. second year, here i come!

i had been away for quite some time from home and internet has been a distance friend to me so i got stories but no way to update those stories. ahh well, i just have to keep it and share it in here a little later than the original time.

now, now, let us go back in time eh?

SUNDAY, 28 JULY 2013

Today had been a day where everything is in God's plan.

i had been facing doubts in my life in this past few days and today, God settled all of that doubts once and for all.

there are a few questions on my mind. is God real? heaven and earth? a loving God or a fearing God? why do we worship? why must we study His words? why this? why that?

the song leader today said, trust. pastor Christine said trust. almost everything that i learned today is about trust. therefore, i guess God wants me to trust in Him so that great things can take place in my life.

anyway, when i went up for alter call today, He said,

"I will do great things in your life. trust in me. i will take away this grieve that you have in you. i will replace the love that you had lost before this."

when pastor Christine prophesy all that without me mentioning what i went through, my tears just fall. how can she know what to talk to me when she did not know what i had been through? how can she comfort me when she only met me a few seconds ago? it has been so long since i last felt God's presence so close to me, holding me close, like a father protecting his child.

now tell me, which God can love us as if we are His only child though we are as small as a tiny ant? tell me which God will touch your hand and said that everything will be fine? which God don't expect anything from us who sinned against Him and pushes His hand away when He reached out to us? which God?

i am not gonna let my mistakes happen again. i am not gonna let my past bother me again cause i know i am renewed in Him.  i can never find another God who love me to this extend.


today is the 6th day of fasting social networks and man! it's tough! there is no break fast so i have to maintain my cool within this period of 40 days.

i feel like something is missing. a huge wan especially when i am such a huge fan of twitter. lol. as for facebook, i still can take it cause its nothing much in there for me to be addicted to anyway. oh man! twitter! >_<

some must be thinking why bother right? well, most christian's are in the fasting motion right now to pray for our nation, from 7th august to 15th september, and by fasting, we are not trying to twist God's hand but we want to seek His face and turned from our wicked ways so that our relationship with God will deepened and our spiritual senses will be sharpened to hear from Him. AND, this is the time for me to trust in the lord and let go of everything, especially the world things and repair my relationship with  father in heaven.  it's also the best time to keep myself from the world so that i can focus more on Him than the wordly things.

ahh well, let's just be strong and brace the coming twitter-facebook free days!


today marks the day that my P licence drops. woohoo! *pops confetti*

actually the actual date is on the 2nd of august but since i forgot about it, plus that i am so far away from home, i can only get it done today. haha!

it was a little worrisome at first as i wasn't there with di who was in charge of doing it for me. he said maybe they need IC and of course IC is with me laa. da lah di purposely took leave to get this done. finally after a few hours of waiting, i received a text message, your licence  done already. =)

hehe. i am finally back to have my driving licence again and i am a 100% graduated driver. still got many moves to learn though. driving needs experience to be good. weeee!

somehow, i only managed three post in my LONG days so yeah, let's just keep it short and sweet eh?

no twitter and no facebook. wish me all the best for the next 30 days! =D

P/S: this post is not related to anyone in particular eh? just a post to remind myself of the changes in my life and how i had come to this stage.  happy week ahead!

eunice gm.

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