Aug 24, 2013

Noises Inside My Head

heyyo netizens! wassup?!

one week has passed and i am back in my nest. ahh. i just love my armchair, lappie, fan, my doggie scandals and everything laa!

this week has been a little havoc for me as aunt has gotten her's house key and there are many things that need to be done. SAJ, TNB, contractors, measurements, colors and etc. there's just so many things to think about for a 20x70 feet house! what more if we were to buy a semi D or a mansion eh? man!

anyway, the tittle of this post will explains this i guess.

Tuesday, 20th August 2013

Just got back from the post officer and after coming back into the office, only i realize that all the time i was on the road, my head was busy talking. all kind of issues hit me that when i finally got the chance to sit down quietly, it felt too quiet.

it's a little creepy i think. if i were to be too concentrated on my inner head, i think i would have gone bonkers. phew! heh!

it's also amazing huh that a brain that weight 1300g-1400g can contain so much activities at one time? watching out for cars, judging the people around us to minimize the risk of being caught up with them and so much more laa!

it's super scary that the noises in my head can be so loud that i feel that other people can hear what is running inside my head. i wonder if other people heads are running this busy too?

it keeps jumping from one issue to the other. first it was about school then it ran to clothes and then to shoes, accessories, bags, the people around me, type of hair that looks nice, what that laywer guy is wearing on his feet, why she dares to wear that out and so much more laa! why oh why can our brain ahs the capability to do all this eh? it's just amazing right?

i guess it all comes down to how we humans can manage. some could not deal with all the noises in their head and ended up acting the unusual way, running amok, or even taking someone's life away by the saying that someone told them to do so.

so make sure our brain stays healthy all the time. don't listen to emo songs *i used to do that in my old days* and listen more to all kind of songs. techno, country, just name it!

live on brain!

say no to zombies?


P/S: work gonna end next week. got a date with a girlfie. =D
P/S/S: i just can't wait for school to begin once again.

eunice gm.

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