Sep 30, 2013

Goodbye September!


september has come to an end and let's say hello to october!

it's been one full month of outings, laughter and tears but it was a good month. friendships had grown stronger and relationships has also been growing along the way.

it's a little emotional for me when it comes to september but i am glad that a new month is coming, time to get ready for Halloween and Christmas! wee~!

October month brings children fair and a prom night so i will be busy by then. there will also be Mid autumn festival event and it's a huge one. i just hope that everything will go fine.

in the meantime, let's just enjoy with this song:

eunice gm.

Sep 27, 2013

Something Is Wrong With Bloggie

i don't know what is happening but something is wrong with Sleek and Pump.

she was all right last night but then i don't know why the energy saver thing is not working out right now.

even the comments box is facing a storm.

will get in touch with bloggie when i get the chance to do so.

eunice gm.

P/S: i'm scared. i hate to see Sleek and Pump go. =(

Sep 26, 2013

A Facebook Page?

good evening! =D

i was up looking around facebook when i saw my previous blog facebook page and then i realize that it was never in use and since this blog is starting afresh, shouldn't the facebook page starts afresh too?

and so i decided to create a new facebook page. i don't really know when and how i will use it but i can try right?

Like the quote,
"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." - Seneca
so i guess let this be one more new beginning? ahah!


hello there, new facebook page!

eunice gm.

Sep 25, 2013

One Night With Junior

Heey there!
a new year had begin and of course junior has already make their appearance but sad to announced that this year junior, there's only one and she is from jaybee. easy term, she stays right behind utm. ahah.

not much surprises or things to show her cause she know almost everything around jaybee i guess but i do know she is a one pretty girl! ^_^

we went out for a korean BBQ and since this is my first time eating meat, man, i literally melt under those delicious meat! ahah!

here we go!

le ladies.

our dinner for the night. i'm surprised that there were many types of meat for us though its a set for two person.

with one of my talkative friend. 

and of course the girl that appears in each picture is our beloved junior. isn't she pretty? =D

a few of the side dishes.

Miss Talkative. she knows a lot of getting good deals. =D

Miss Leader. she is the leader of our group and she sure have good leadership skills. 

our junior. not yet know her close enough yet but i do know she is someone nice to talk too.

Miss playful. she PLAYS a lot. XD

Miss Quiet. she is usually the quiet one but when she plays, she played hard. hahah.

our group for the night.

i can't resists one picture before i leave the restaurant oh. i'm coming back! >_<

we were at a shop when Miss Playful wanted to take pictures with each of us and so the camera memory only has her in it. =___________=

one picture before i end the night! 

and ouh2, i got this bracelet done. it is not really the best but i like it. it got my taste in it. =D

and that's how our first junior-senior bond is being formed. 

eunice gm.

Sep 23, 2013

Friends And All Things Nice

hello, hello!

i had been out all day with the companion of friends, old and new, and had been out the whole day.

it was more to a spontaneous outing this time and there were some things that i did not expected when i got ready for this outing but all the same, i enjoyed it. =D

first stop, we went to U Box Karaoke near our housing estate, and boy, it is not really that bad, but i would still prefer Loud Speaker Karaoke because of the food. here we were only served with a small plate of fries which does not really satisfied our stomach.

we then went to It Roo Cafe, where it is said that it is the best chicken chop in town and yup, i can say its quite true. for now, i would said that is the best to TGIF. yumyum, im drooling.

Miss AF and me. 

Ladies and gentlemen, i introduced you, Miss Anna! =D

after the hearty lunch, i introduced le ladies to Chaiwalla & Co. which sells great tea for a hot day and here we are, with pictures credited to Anna, my new friend! =D

P/S: these pictures were not taken with my gadget so the only pictures that i received was pictures that consists of me. i'm sorry! no pictures that only consists of both of them!

we then walked around Jalan Wong Ah Fook, if that is the name, and my favorite bakery was selling bananas cake! hot from the oven babey! 

and beside that bakery was the new renovated shop. it is a cafe selling cakes and french food, if not mistaken? i did not take a closer look on what they were selling. boo me.

this is a strawberry mille crepe, which taste much better than the one that we visited in melaka, Nadeje.

and a piece of mocha macaroon.

annnnd, here i am. a final picture before we took off for home. wee!

it was a short trip. a real short trip. but it was fun to bring a tourist into JayBee to look around. next time i would be the tourist in KL! =D

eunice gm.

IT Roo Cafe
17, Jalan Dhoby 80000, Johor Bahru
Monday- Sunday (11:00 to 10:00pm)
Certified Halal

Chaiwalla & Co.
Lot 2810, Tan Hiok Nee Street, 80000 Johor Bahru.

Maco Vintage
18, Jalan Ibrahim, 80000 Johor Bahru.
Closed until tomorrow 12:00pm - 10:00pm
FB Page: Maco Vintage

Sep 19, 2013

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

it's already Thursday and mid autumn has come on us once again! time just passed eh?

when it comes to lanterns and moon cakes and of course the famous story of Chang'e love story, i would be like a small girl, yearning to hold on to a lantern and play candle all night long. this year, i only ate one small piece of moon cake as the price of those unusual moon cakes are too pricey for me to put into my stomach. can you imagine, a small piece of a durian musang moon cake cost RM16?! why?!

anyway, tonight, in utm, we had a lantern festival where we walked from a certain place to another certain place with lanterns in our hand. i went with one of my classmate and her besties but it would be much fun if my other friends were there, but i did have fun, no doubt in that! =D

just some events that caught my eye tonight, i met new friends, first year and second year students, i met seniors, i met old friends, i saw how a simple cardboard can come to life when light is directed to it, *shadow play*, and ouh, don't forget the soft and delicious curry fish balls! yumyum! >___<

one group picture before we go off! ^_^

besides, the moon was hiding tonight. must be the clouds playing tricks on us. ahah.

signing off to sleep!

eunice gm.

Sep 17, 2013

Travel- Kukup to Desaru


i just got back from a trip with my seniors and all that i can say is AWESOME!

this time trip was a short one but the fun that we had? the laughter that we had? i can only said that all we get was cramps everywhere because of the great exercise that we did, laughing.

we were laughing most of the time that i remembered one moement where my mouth was going to cramp. dang.

Day 1

we reached there around 12plus i think and we begin with games and photo session. the games session was wild! all i can say it contain PG18 stuff. lol.

at night, we went upstairs to the balcony and played with lantern *it's lantern festival right now* and candles. we even send lanterns with our wishes on it. lol. it sounds a little childish but it was fun kay. =____=

goodbye lantern!

it was then continued with games and this time it was a rough game. it's called "Pick-It-Up" and man, you really need energy for this game. the goal is to pick up a 0.50$ coin from the floor but your arms must not break with your neighbor arm, and it really drains lots of energy away.

a real fight. ahah.

and punishment came, which was a little..... haha.


we woke up around 10 plus if not mistaken cause the night before we slept off around 5am? its always like that eh when there are friends around? you just don't feel like wasting those precious moment away. 

HR seniors & juniors. <3!

and the sky really turn real fast!

after our HUGE seafood lunch, we packed up and went off to Desaru. it was more to spontaneous decision but it was a good one. i was beat up though when i reached there so i don't think i enjoyed that much? but everyone left that place happily laa. hehe.

my beloved senior who is crazy, wild, outgoing and lovely. she is caring but at the same time she will bully you till you feel like giving up on her. but i still love her laa! ^_^

our seniors who are going to graduate soon. 

i feel like playing "Graduation" song right now by Vitamin C. =(

point towards our goals in life?! o.O

and then, we finished off the trip with a bowling game. it was fun till someone said it is time to send us home. dang. this is the only reason why i hate staying in KP. pfft.

it was seriously a worth it trip. i really hope and wish that another trip can happen again so that more memories can be cherished? man, time just flies!

eunice gm.