Sep 9, 2013

Bello First Day!

Bello! *in minion voice*

one day had past. the day where all havoc runs wild because of the new system that we Faculty Management students have to face. our faculty had move to a new place where the pokok kelapa sawit runs wild, where red ants are still ruling, where the trees are still young chaps and transportation that SUCKS.

i woke up too early today, without the alarm. maybe its my nerve that was shaking me to the core but i woke up refreshed. lol. and a little nervous laa. hehe.

i did a right choice when i woke up earlier and went down earlier cause there wasn't any bus from my college to the new faculty and thank God for a friend who fetched us go without us asking at all! she suddenly gave us a call, asking us if we would want to carpool with her. wee! =D

for a summary, class was okayokay? lecturer is still the same for certain subject but the others are super new. i don't remember them as our faculty lecturers at all! they DO seemed to be nice though. ahah. too early to speak?

as for the new faculty, man, the complains kept pouring in! there's no cafe so you have to go hungry or either call yourself a cab to bring you to your destination for food, and the air-con is like, no air-con at all! thank God there was rain to bring in the coolness in the air. the whiteboard is too small and if you were to sit at the side, it's gonna be tough for you beybay.

ahh well, students life is like this eh? each of us has different stories to share and some just have it a little hard? i do think that mine is okay state though. it's just extra comfort if all those rants of mine is being fulfilled. LOL. some of my friends have to manually transfer their subjects. now, THAT is hell. ahah. imagine having to juggle your timetable, meet up with lecturers, meet up with our adviser, and don't' forget having to make everything to be in proper coordination with the other classmates. it is tough. seriously.

ouh2, the look that i brought in today. what will you say? =D

ouh, my eyebags! it's just getting bigger each day leh. any good ways to make it go away? huh. and yeah, i do like the little heart on my left. heh. :P

somehow, that is the look of my room and the state of my table. can see a little la hor? 

hello! hello! it's denim style today! =D


this is the wall that i am talking about. the stickers are up but there are a few more motivators posters that i think it is very much needed to be put on it. even my whiteboard looks super ugly right now. i can't find the per-fect time to make it perfect. time is always running away either by my friend or by myself. boo me. >_<

i hope that this week's transportation will not be like today. everything is in a mess. haihh.

that's all for tonight!

eunice gm.

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