Sep 23, 2013

Friends And All Things Nice

hello, hello!

i had been out all day with the companion of friends, old and new, and had been out the whole day.

it was more to a spontaneous outing this time and there were some things that i did not expected when i got ready for this outing but all the same, i enjoyed it. =D

first stop, we went to U Box Karaoke near our housing estate, and boy, it is not really that bad, but i would still prefer Loud Speaker Karaoke because of the food. here we were only served with a small plate of fries which does not really satisfied our stomach.

we then went to It Roo Cafe, where it is said that it is the best chicken chop in town and yup, i can say its quite true. for now, i would said that is the best to TGIF. yumyum, im drooling.

Miss AF and me. 

Ladies and gentlemen, i introduced you, Miss Anna! =D

after the hearty lunch, i introduced le ladies to Chaiwalla & Co. which sells great tea for a hot day and here we are, with pictures credited to Anna, my new friend! =D

P/S: these pictures were not taken with my gadget so the only pictures that i received was pictures that consists of me. i'm sorry! no pictures that only consists of both of them!

we then walked around Jalan Wong Ah Fook, if that is the name, and my favorite bakery was selling bananas cake! hot from the oven babey! 

and beside that bakery was the new renovated shop. it is a cafe selling cakes and french food, if not mistaken? i did not take a closer look on what they were selling. boo me.

this is a strawberry mille crepe, which taste much better than the one that we visited in melaka, Nadeje.

and a piece of mocha macaroon.

annnnd, here i am. a final picture before we took off for home. wee!

it was a short trip. a real short trip. but it was fun to bring a tourist into JayBee to look around. next time i would be the tourist in KL! =D

eunice gm.

IT Roo Cafe
17, Jalan Dhoby 80000, Johor Bahru
Monday- Sunday (11:00 to 10:00pm)
Certified Halal

Chaiwalla & Co.
Lot 2810, Tan Hiok Nee Street, 80000 Johor Bahru.

Maco Vintage
18, Jalan Ibrahim, 80000 Johor Bahru.
Closed until tomorrow 12:00pm - 10:00pm
FB Page: Maco Vintage

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