Sep 12, 2013

Fun, Stress And Disappointing Events

bello. the week is coming to an end soon and homework has start to pile up slowly. meetings and scholarship issue are becoming havoc and energy slowly draining away. i need to recharge but this weekend will be recharging in Kukup with friends so i doubt that i can have some personal time. ahh well, monday is a holiday. =P *malaysia's day?*

i got tons of things to blog about that i don't really know where to start. hmm, let's see. let's move backwards shall we?

today afternoon class was cancelled so i spend my afternoon watching "The Great Gatsbsy". i know that it has been quite some time since this movie is out but yeah, pardon me, a person who gets left behind always. i was wondering all the way through the movie, why and how can a person love 2 person at the same time? i then realize, by the end of the movie that these people don't really love the other person *aka third party*, they were just trying to be greedy and stepped out of their comfort zone. why married in the first place then?

ahh well, it's just a movie.

moving on, i felt disappointed with myself today. there was this gorgeous, handsome french man with blue magnificent eyes that can strike you with a stare, wanting to go to Meranti, you can say it's the center of UTM. we, from the Cluster, our new faculty, have to take a bus to go to FAB before walking over to Meranti. this guy wanted to go there and the bus driver was telling him, "nono, i go this place." *pointing to the signboard and no other directions on which bus he should take. i was in the bus at that time and my heart kept telling me to go down and tell him the directions to his destination....but...i freaked out. i just sat there in my seat, half praying that the bus will go fast so i can miss the chance to help and half of me was yelling at me to get off the bus. i was in a HUGE dilemma at that time that i ALMOST got up from my seat, but, no. i did not, and the bus went on its way, leaving that poor man behind to looking lost.

i am so sorry. i felt so disappointed with myself. why can't i go and help him? how could i just sit there and hope that i did not see him? why? why? why?!

next time, this kind of event happens, i will not do that ever again. i got the chance to help him and i did not look back. i will never. ever. do. that. ever. again. period. it's a lesson learn for me. what if i were in his shoes? i would love to have the locals to help me. >_<

bad bad eunice. bad eunice.

okay. enough of the rant. i am feeling really bad right now.

yesterday, after class, we went over to a friend's house to play with her 4 months old shih tzu. it's super cute and hyper! he kept trying to bite and lick me and when i don't allow that to happen, he started barking at me in frustration. it's so hard to pat his hand cause when he sees your hand, he want it in his mouth. he kept moving around so the only decent picture of him is this.

and here we are at Secret Recipe. i just love the lighting in there! i don't need any filters or any edition. wee! *happy editing*

the day ended nicely, with a rush of homework though. in Industrial Counselling, we were asked to do an essay about Mind Health and was only given two days to produced it. i don't know how i manage to cope but the paper has been send and i am glad. ahh.

logging out soon. i will be meeting junior tonight *fingers crossed if parents don't come early*. i wonder how she looks like. geez.

eunice gm.

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