Sep 19, 2013

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

it's already Thursday and mid autumn has come on us once again! time just passed eh?

when it comes to lanterns and moon cakes and of course the famous story of Chang'e love story, i would be like a small girl, yearning to hold on to a lantern and play candle all night long. this year, i only ate one small piece of moon cake as the price of those unusual moon cakes are too pricey for me to put into my stomach. can you imagine, a small piece of a durian musang moon cake cost RM16?! why?!

anyway, tonight, in utm, we had a lantern festival where we walked from a certain place to another certain place with lanterns in our hand. i went with one of my classmate and her besties but it would be much fun if my other friends were there, but i did have fun, no doubt in that! =D

just some events that caught my eye tonight, i met new friends, first year and second year students, i met seniors, i met old friends, i saw how a simple cardboard can come to life when light is directed to it, *shadow play*, and ouh, don't forget the soft and delicious curry fish balls! yumyum! >___<

one group picture before we go off! ^_^

besides, the moon was hiding tonight. must be the clouds playing tricks on us. ahah.

signing off to sleep!

eunice gm.

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