Sep 8, 2013

Home Sweet Second Home!


i am in university right now enjoying the soft music and trying to absorb the fact that a new year is beginning in like...less than 24 hours?

today, we woke up super early and put everything into the car boot. a picture speaks a thousand words so let this explain.

i don't know why i have so many things but seriously? to the extend that i can't see my dad's head! this is not angle problem kay! it's like...for real! after 9 hours *i took mini breaks* i finally can say that my room is like my room now. ahah. it is to my liking laa. everything is in their place. i can't imagine that i could manage to put everything into place. fuhh. *wipes sweat*

the stickers are up but The Wall is not up yet. i have to wait for the timetable to finalize and some printing to do before i can show it to the world but the stickers is making me happy! it's the tower of Effie but not exactly as it is not made out of steel but more to flowers? ahh well, as long i get to see "Paris" every morning! wee!

as for tomorrow outfit, i am not sure if i should wear denim shirt to class cause tomorrow is suppose to be formal? ahh, i don't want to be the over fashion senior? lol.

leave tomorrow to tomorrow eh?

have a great week ahead people! and don't forget to do kindness and be grateful for everything!

eunice gm.

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