Sep 25, 2013

One Night With Junior

Heey there!
a new year had begin and of course junior has already make their appearance but sad to announced that this year junior, there's only one and she is from jaybee. easy term, she stays right behind utm. ahah.

not much surprises or things to show her cause she know almost everything around jaybee i guess but i do know she is a one pretty girl! ^_^

we went out for a korean BBQ and since this is my first time eating meat, man, i literally melt under those delicious meat! ahah!

here we go!

le ladies.

our dinner for the night. i'm surprised that there were many types of meat for us though its a set for two person.

with one of my talkative friend. 

and of course the girl that appears in each picture is our beloved junior. isn't she pretty? =D

a few of the side dishes.

Miss Talkative. she knows a lot of getting good deals. =D

Miss Leader. she is the leader of our group and she sure have good leadership skills. 

our junior. not yet know her close enough yet but i do know she is someone nice to talk too.

Miss playful. she PLAYS a lot. XD

Miss Quiet. she is usually the quiet one but when she plays, she played hard. hahah.

our group for the night.

i can't resists one picture before i leave the restaurant oh. i'm coming back! >_<

we were at a shop when Miss Playful wanted to take pictures with each of us and so the camera memory only has her in it. =___________=

one picture before i end the night! 

and ouh2, i got this bracelet done. it is not really the best but i like it. it got my taste in it. =D

and that's how our first junior-senior bond is being formed. 

eunice gm.

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  1. that. good. looks. so. good. i grew up in taiwan, and all of this korean food reminds me of home and the yummy bbq restaurant we went to growing up. i miss it so much!



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