Sep 8, 2013

Ready To Be A Second Year Student!

wee! second year is coming and i am finally getting a junior? *i hope so* my packing can be said that about 99% are ready. i'm left with a bag to pack in my laptop and wires, my HUGE luggage bag, which i had a hard time trying to smash everything in it. yeah, smash cause there were just too many clothes. i had tried minimizing it but....nah. i still have shoes to pack and accessories to be put inside the car.

speaking about the car, my dad said,

"nak pindah rumah ke ni?"

geez. dad, it's a lady which you are sending away. i don't know why do i have to pack so much things when i don't really use everything. i am always saying,

"maybe i might need this. maybe my friends might need this. maybe i'm gonna use this."

yadayadayada. as if. *roll eyes*

for this brand new year, i did not buy any new clothes specificcaly for class but i did bought a denim shirt. hehe. it cost me RM49.90 from Brands and i LOVE it! still don't know what and how am i gonna pair it but i am sure to wear it to class! wee!

i did spend money on a new printer though and a super duper cute mouse which has patterns on it! no pictures cause i hate to bring out my camera right now in the middle of the night when i am feeling drowsy from a whole day out.

i guess, i am expecting awesome things to happen this year. i do hope that i have a junior to pour out my love though. ahah! =D

goals had been set for this brand new semester. i just hope i can achieve it.

by the way, JPA for degree or diploma students is going to open on this coming monday, 9th September, and ends on 16th September. be quick or be square!


eunice gm.

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