Sep 17, 2013

Travel- Kukup to Desaru


i just got back from a trip with my seniors and all that i can say is AWESOME!

this time trip was a short one but the fun that we had? the laughter that we had? i can only said that all we get was cramps everywhere because of the great exercise that we did, laughing.

we were laughing most of the time that i remembered one moement where my mouth was going to cramp. dang.

Day 1

we reached there around 12plus i think and we begin with games and photo session. the games session was wild! all i can say it contain PG18 stuff. lol.

at night, we went upstairs to the balcony and played with lantern *it's lantern festival right now* and candles. we even send lanterns with our wishes on it. lol. it sounds a little childish but it was fun kay. =____=

goodbye lantern!

it was then continued with games and this time it was a rough game. it's called "Pick-It-Up" and man, you really need energy for this game. the goal is to pick up a 0.50$ coin from the floor but your arms must not break with your neighbor arm, and it really drains lots of energy away.

a real fight. ahah.

and punishment came, which was a little..... haha.


we woke up around 10 plus if not mistaken cause the night before we slept off around 5am? its always like that eh when there are friends around? you just don't feel like wasting those precious moment away. 

HR seniors & juniors. <3!

and the sky really turn real fast!

after our HUGE seafood lunch, we packed up and went off to Desaru. it was more to spontaneous decision but it was a good one. i was beat up though when i reached there so i don't think i enjoyed that much? but everyone left that place happily laa. hehe.

my beloved senior who is crazy, wild, outgoing and lovely. she is caring but at the same time she will bully you till you feel like giving up on her. but i still love her laa! ^_^

our seniors who are going to graduate soon. 

i feel like playing "Graduation" song right now by Vitamin C. =(

point towards our goals in life?! o.O

and then, we finished off the trip with a bowling game. it was fun till someone said it is time to send us home. dang. this is the only reason why i hate staying in KP. pfft.

it was seriously a worth it trip. i really hope and wish that another trip can happen again so that more memories can be cherished? man, time just flies!

eunice gm.

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