Oct 30, 2013

I Share #2

Heey heey heey!

Internet at college is down and all i can do is wait til i am home to get my itchy hands on this bloggie. auuw! i miss you blog! and of course the people that makes it all super awesome! ^^

this week videos? i did not manage to stay close in youtube but i do know some good songs to dance too!

this is the latest hits by this amazing group and i just fell in love with their music right from the start! they kinda reminds me of Pussycat Dolls eh? hmm.

this is one cool song for all Disney lovers out there. i was going gaga when Cinderella song, Pocahontas song, and Ariel! it was all those songs that i spend growing up with! ahhh~ memories..

i am not sure if i mention it before but i just finished attending a faculty night *will blog about it soon* organized by our huge group and since we were busy finding for songs to dance to on that night, i found this song. just listen to it. the tune is just so smoothing to listen to when one is down or... maybe in this situation? ahak.

and that's all for this week!

can't update more than that! >_<

eunice gm.

Oct 22, 2013

Loving Someone Is Painful But Being Love Is Blessed

Heey there.

A conversation happen and it went something like this:

me: you have to give that person an opportunity. not only for him but also for yourself.

Y: yalaa! you cannot close your heart to him. must give him an opportunity though you don't really like him.

H: yeah, you know something? being love is more blessed than loving someone. loving someone is painful.

soo what do you think? loving someone or being loved by someone?

which is more blessed?

i personally agree with what H said because i myself know the feeling of loving someone and not getting any response back. you can say that i freak out and i just don't dare to bring our friendship to another level because i kept thinking that our friendship level is not high enough to enter to another stage. entering into another stage right now will just result in pain after because of recklessness and i don't want my relationship with this guy to become another reckless decision. it's time to make grown up decisions instead of just following the heart without using the brain.

at times, i wish that i am in this girl situation instead of being in the loving someone situation. it's so hard to love someone and expect the same thing in return because there is a 50-50 chance that the person might accept you OR a whole friendship thing thrown right into the drain.

it's too risky to take the risk.

someone like me who learned about investment would not dare to take the risk. i don't want to lose him as a friend. though we are not to a high level of friendship but i just don't want anything to effect what we have right now. at least, right now when i see him around, i can smile widely and talk to him. i can't imagine what will happen if we were to be strangers once again. >_<

but in this friend of mine case, i think that guy should really deserve a chance. he has what a girl needs so why wanna find more? just give each other a chance and try to see if there is really sparks right? isn't it so?

conclusion, love can be a very scary thing but a very beautiful thing.

eunice gm.

I Share #1

hello! hello!

it's late right now in malaysia, 10 minutes more to 1am and yet here i am, wanting to share a new idea with people who wants to read. ahah. or for myself to see next time when i am old. gee.

i was thinking....

this blog is a little dull especially when i got no events or any touchy feelings to share on bloggie so i thought, why not i share stuff that i find interesting for the past one week?


then, this blog would get updates AND i will be able to share with bloggie world what had caught my eyes? =D

therefore, with a heart of thanksgiving, i announced "I Share" on Sleek and Pump! weeee!

*pops confetti*

#1 I Share

this past week, i had been watching some really interesting videos.

Since halloween is around the corner, don't you think some spooks will create some excitment? geez. i hate to be the one running though. >_<

this video was made by VitalyzdTv and man, they are really a good pranker. i can never imagine them to be fake if they were to prank me.

And remember this song from Pitch Perfect? it was one of the hottest cup song to follow to i think and eventhough i try to follow this song, i just can't seem to get it right. ahh well, i better stick to "cupping" on the keyboard.

Last but not least, one of  my favorite youtuber has enter another phase of her life and watching this custom being re-created, i just can't help laughing. like seriously?

squats with "call me maybe" by Cassey Ho? you should TRY the pilates move before commenting anything. i almost die while doing it. not for real, but my thighs was BURNING!

Try it already? how did your thighs felt? =D

ahh well, the first number of I Share has come to an end. hope to see more soon! >_<

i really hope i don't get lazy and gain extra fatness in blogging. ahah.

ouh, ouh, do check BubzBeauty out yea? she got really good stuff from everyday life to make up to bra fitting and so much more!

btw, i put #IShare with macaroons because i just love macaroons so yeah, love it too. =P

eunice gm.

Oct 18, 2013

I Wanna Travel The World

Being a sagittarius, it is not surprise that the travel bug runs in my vein. since i was a young child, climbing up trees, hiding in abandoned houses, finding for ghost and looking for adventure is my childhood days.

ever since growing up, the adventurous me is hidden inside because of money and the phase where i grew up but at the same time, this little me is slowly growing to a bigger me.

one day.

one fine day.

i will travel the world. maybe alone, maybe with my partner, or maybe with friends but i know i will go and touch the 193 countries on earth.

One day eh? one day. 

eunice gm.

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People Don't Change, People Grew Up

One night, while Deon and i were discussing about using our finance in the right way, it heated up and went into an argument. i did not expect that things would heat up just because of an issue like finance but everything was spilled on that night and i can say that the issues is not yet done.

Deon said that i look down upon him and i change. he kept saying that i am using adult sentences and that i am not the same person that i used to be. he also mentioned that i am not the same head with him in most things nowadays and that going into university changes me.

i kept telling him to tell me more about what he felt and we could discussed it but in the end, he went charging upstairs into bed, leaving me to pour out my feelings in here.

i don't know if i change a lot but i do know that i am not the same as i use to be. in the old days, i can be 100% happy-go-lucky but nowadays? i need to think over what i am doing before i try anything new. i had seen how people react to those actions and how people expected me to be and before i knew it, my own brother told me that i had changed. 

i doubt that this is called change but i think i prefer the word growing up. growing up just turns you into another person. you start thinking about the consequences of your action and think about what people will think about you if you act in a certain way and you start being someone that you think is the best personality for you. soon, you begin to stick to this very personality that puts smile on people face and the old you just... disappear into thin air. 

that is why most people would agree on growing up sucks. i hate growing up but reality sinks in. this is the real world! i don't want to be Susan from The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe but that IS reality, you just have to learn to accept it! and it's not that i had forget about having fun or fooling around like a teenager! i still fool around and act goofy at times but i learned that those can only be seen with people who knew you well enough!

Susan who grew up in the last chapter of the series. she missed out on a lot of things though.

i just hope this little brother of mine understands that when i give him advice, it's out of love and not because that i look down upon him or hates him. i think he will reply that i am being fake but what else can i say?

being a grown up, the first child of this family, a young adult myself is not an easy thing to do. people has high expectations on me and i don't intend to fail them or to fail myself. i just want to be me. myself. but with the right group of people. my family, my best friends, my close friends, and my future family. what's the use of letting society know what kind of person are you when the only thing that society is good at is judging and picking on you?

i wish i am invited to Peter Pan land. =(

eunice gm.

Oct 17, 2013

A Day With Bestie

Konichiwa guys!

Yesterday was a great day. i met up with one of my bestie, Sha and i brought her to It Roo cafe for their famous chicken chop. 

*i know. i know. i always bring people to try out their chicken chop* 

i can't help it! i think that every JB-ian must at least try at this place cause it's like showing JB culture in a whole? JB is not a city that burns every night but we have our quiet moments too and when you visit those streets, you can see so many different culture and the quietness in the afternoon and the hectic-ness at night. =D

i blogged about the cafe before this *right here* and i will always say that they stay tip top among the rest!

we visited Maco Vintage and this time we tried their tiramisu cake. i thought it is the usual tiramisu but boy, how was i wrong! there is a certain part of the cake that when you put a bite onto it, bitter coffee just comes out of it. i just love the taste of bitter mixed with a little twinge of sweetness and then it just mixes and plays around with my mouth. 

i think i am going back anytime sooner to get that cake again. ahah.

anyway, here are some pictures taken by Sha.

i don't know why did she edited this but it looks kinda cartoon-ish. geez.

Mocha coffee but i think its a little too bitter for me. i don't really like it.

one more picture of us at Maco Vintage Cafe.

leaving this post with a quote from my darling bestie.

Whenever there's delicious food, it's a good day. whenever there's a long chit chats, it's a day to reminisce. But when you could enjoy all of it with a bestie, then it is a perfect day..
Happy Day people!

eunice gm.

Oct 16, 2013

6 Things That Drain Away Money

hello there!

i always have a problem with money because no matter how much money i have in my bank account, i always thought that i don't have enough to spend on the things that i want. it's always ended up with things that i need or don't even need sometimes. i just don't get it why my account always go scuba diving.

anyway, i saw this post and i finally found my answer. sharing it here with you guys!

1. You are a caffeine addict
I won't deny that i love to drink coffee. i don't like the normal 3-in-1 type but i prefer the expensive types. i know that is so wrong but mocha and cappuccino taste so much better than the normal teh tarik or kopi o from the coffee shops!

each week, i would sneak into Coffee beans or J Co or Chatime just to get my favorite drinks and each time i did that, i would spend almost RM15 for one regular cup of indulgence. too much money gone right?

2. You are a disorganized shopper
ahah. one more weakness of mine. always going into watson, mr DIY, Daiso just to get some useless stuff which i think might add up to my collection. haihh. i don't always go for grocery shopping but i think i spend a lot on junk food too. tsktsktsk.

3. You wine...
ah-ah. i never spend a dime on wine before so i guess i can skip this. i do think that if i am the type who goes clubbing, sure my account will go down more than it is right now. lol.

4. .... and you dine
ouh? of course! a food lover like me can never say no to food! in one week time, i can spend almost rm200 just for food alone. korean, japanese, malay, western, chinese, just name it!

5. You have got subscription overload
none to this. the only subscription that i take is free. i hate spending money on make up that i will never try so never had the chance to do that. ever.

6. You are a little too generous
i think i have to admit guilty to this. i have the bad habbit to buy things for people. i don't buy expensive things but at times, buying things for people can take away 20 bucks! it just dissapear like that and i don't know what happen to the rest of the money.

so there it is! 6 things that can drain our account super fast. i just hope i stop all these bad habits of mine and focus more on saving money... for my own travel around the world plan! ^_^

eunice gm.

credits: http://www.hercampus.com/

Oct 14, 2013

Travel- Tangkak, Melaka, Muar

Heey you!

geez, that sounds a little too harsh.

This post had been in my draft box for a veryveryvery long time and since tomorrow is a holiday and i got limited job on my hand, i decided to finish whatever post that i have with me.

on the last week of humble September, we went out for a mini vacation as a group again and boy, i do miss them. i had to come back after one night while most of them manage to stay for one more night but i do cherished the night where i spend it with 2 of my seniors. geez, they can seriously make a girl laugh!

Let us begin our journey to laughter and fun!

Photo Boom right after we reached Muar.

a monkey stole our egg tarts! the egg tarts was in its box right beside me and suddenly my friend shouted to me that there is a monkey sneaking up on me but when i turn, it was too late. he/she snatch it right under my nose and before i could snatch it back, the precious egg tarts fell to the ground. too bad for mr/miss monkey, if the egg tarts is not going into our mouth, don't even think of tasting it. hah!

Tanjung Muar.

Egg tarts that are popular among the netizens here.

The taste can never beat Ipoh egg tart but i would recommend this for those who plan to have a little snacks laa. don't expect it to be yummy but it taste okay2?

the boys seriously have lots of pose that they can act out. =D

ikan bakar as our dinner.

with le roomie! <3!

don't you think the crown is a little too small for my head? geez.

we then head to Hello Kitty Cafe where everything inside is obviously Hello Kitty. a friend of mine is in love with this character and she just could not stop smiling when she step in there! its amazing how a cartoon character can make girls squirm and giggle! =D

here she is, smiling away like a little girl. =D

Like all concept cafes, this cafe's food is not really a thing that you would like to consume but because of the super duper cuteness that is being show in this cafe, i guess we can close one eye on it?

the following day, we went to Wonderland Melaka Theme Park. the ticket in is RM30 if not mistaken. it's a small park if you were to compared to Gambang or Ipoh Lost World of Tambun but if you would like to try something small first, this is a nice place.

all of us have 2 colors on us once we came out from the water park. i don't know its because of the lack of sunscreen or is it because of the sun that was shining like a lava on that day. 

we were supposed to try out the coconut shake which is well known in melaka but then due to road trouble, we just could not find the right place. in the end, we went to Taiwan Small Snacks, where you can find it even in JB. well, when the stomach rumbles, all we wanna do is to sumbat food in it, not caring if the food is nice or not nice. right?

enough of pictures? take a look at the video then! ^_^

and there it is. a post- pone post that was long due.

eunice gm.