Oct 17, 2013

A Day With Bestie

Konichiwa guys!

Yesterday was a great day. i met up with one of my bestie, Sha and i brought her to It Roo cafe for their famous chicken chop. 

*i know. i know. i always bring people to try out their chicken chop* 

i can't help it! i think that every JB-ian must at least try at this place cause it's like showing JB culture in a whole? JB is not a city that burns every night but we have our quiet moments too and when you visit those streets, you can see so many different culture and the quietness in the afternoon and the hectic-ness at night. =D

i blogged about the cafe before this *right here* and i will always say that they stay tip top among the rest!

we visited Maco Vintage and this time we tried their tiramisu cake. i thought it is the usual tiramisu but boy, how was i wrong! there is a certain part of the cake that when you put a bite onto it, bitter coffee just comes out of it. i just love the taste of bitter mixed with a little twinge of sweetness and then it just mixes and plays around with my mouth. 

i think i am going back anytime sooner to get that cake again. ahah.

anyway, here are some pictures taken by Sha.

i don't know why did she edited this but it looks kinda cartoon-ish. geez.

Mocha coffee but i think its a little too bitter for me. i don't really like it.

one more picture of us at Maco Vintage Cafe.

leaving this post with a quote from my darling bestie.

Whenever there's delicious food, it's a good day. whenever there's a long chit chats, it's a day to reminisce. But when you could enjoy all of it with a bestie, then it is a perfect day..
Happy Day people!

eunice gm.

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