Oct 2, 2013

Events and Test


One test and one quiz is due on tomorrow and here i am, sitting down, typing on lappie, trying to ignore the fact that if i do not start studying right now, i am going to end up with regrets over my marks which may influence my final exam.

man, that is one long sentence. 

when the mood comes them maybe i can absorb everything in a flash but right now? i just feel like sitting down, doing nothing. ahh~ i would really appreciate that. *drinks a cup of tea*

nah. i don't have tea in my dorm. geez, must get some when i have the time for groceries shopping.

anyway, today i had an appointment with a hotel *no specific names to avoid any dispute* and i find it very interesting that not all humans can give out the awe feelings. to this day, i only found a certain number of people who are able to swept me off my feet when i talk to them and i will frankly say that i am dissapointed. a little. haha. *cold laugh*

however there was a good reason though cause if he/she was an intimating person, i don't think i would be able to voice out my opinions, right? the meeting do went well though, and i hope it continue to go well after this. the event is in three weeks time and i am freaking out!!! though its not really under my name but heey, who don't want to be an good organizer right?? =D

and i have to begin to find proper clothings for the event. man, why is it that each time that i want to find a nice dress, it would be this hard? at this time, i really wish that i am a slim, tall girl who have the perfect body so that i do not have to fret so much about this issue ya know? haihh.


ahah. i have to start doing my homework on what to wear AND start reading my textbooks to score an A. what's the use of being pretty outside but no brain, right? ahah. i think i am being bias right now.




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