Oct 22, 2013

I Share #1

hello! hello!

it's late right now in malaysia, 10 minutes more to 1am and yet here i am, wanting to share a new idea with people who wants to read. ahah. or for myself to see next time when i am old. gee.

i was thinking....

this blog is a little dull especially when i got no events or any touchy feelings to share on bloggie so i thought, why not i share stuff that i find interesting for the past one week?


then, this blog would get updates AND i will be able to share with bloggie world what had caught my eyes? =D

therefore, with a heart of thanksgiving, i announced "I Share" on Sleek and Pump! weeee!

*pops confetti*

#1 I Share

this past week, i had been watching some really interesting videos.

Since halloween is around the corner, don't you think some spooks will create some excitment? geez. i hate to be the one running though. >_<

this video was made by VitalyzdTv and man, they are really a good pranker. i can never imagine them to be fake if they were to prank me.

And remember this song from Pitch Perfect? it was one of the hottest cup song to follow to i think and eventhough i try to follow this song, i just can't seem to get it right. ahh well, i better stick to "cupping" on the keyboard.

Last but not least, one of  my favorite youtuber has enter another phase of her life and watching this custom being re-created, i just can't help laughing. like seriously?

squats with "call me maybe" by Cassey Ho? you should TRY the pilates move before commenting anything. i almost die while doing it. not for real, but my thighs was BURNING!

Try it already? how did your thighs felt? =D

ahh well, the first number of I Share has come to an end. hope to see more soon! >_<

i really hope i don't get lazy and gain extra fatness in blogging. ahah.

ouh, ouh, do check BubzBeauty out yea? she got really good stuff from everyday life to make up to bra fitting and so much more!

btw, i put #IShare with macaroons because i just love macaroons so yeah, love it too. =P

eunice gm.

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