Oct 30, 2013

I Share #2

Heey heey heey!

Internet at college is down and all i can do is wait til i am home to get my itchy hands on this bloggie. auuw! i miss you blog! and of course the people that makes it all super awesome! ^^

this week videos? i did not manage to stay close in youtube but i do know some good songs to dance too!

this is the latest hits by this amazing group and i just fell in love with their music right from the start! they kinda reminds me of Pussycat Dolls eh? hmm.

this is one cool song for all Disney lovers out there. i was going gaga when Cinderella song, Pocahontas song, and Ariel! it was all those songs that i spend growing up with! ahhh~ memories..

i am not sure if i mention it before but i just finished attending a faculty night *will blog about it soon* organized by our huge group and since we were busy finding for songs to dance to on that night, i found this song. just listen to it. the tune is just so smoothing to listen to when one is down or... maybe in this situation? ahak.

and that's all for this week!

can't update more than that! >_<

eunice gm.

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