Oct 22, 2013

Loving Someone Is Painful But Being Love Is Blessed

Heey there.

A conversation happen and it went something like this:

me: you have to give that person an opportunity. not only for him but also for yourself.

Y: yalaa! you cannot close your heart to him. must give him an opportunity though you don't really like him.

H: yeah, you know something? being love is more blessed than loving someone. loving someone is painful.

soo what do you think? loving someone or being loved by someone?

which is more blessed?

i personally agree with what H said because i myself know the feeling of loving someone and not getting any response back. you can say that i freak out and i just don't dare to bring our friendship to another level because i kept thinking that our friendship level is not high enough to enter to another stage. entering into another stage right now will just result in pain after because of recklessness and i don't want my relationship with this guy to become another reckless decision. it's time to make grown up decisions instead of just following the heart without using the brain.

at times, i wish that i am in this girl situation instead of being in the loving someone situation. it's so hard to love someone and expect the same thing in return because there is a 50-50 chance that the person might accept you OR a whole friendship thing thrown right into the drain.

it's too risky to take the risk.

someone like me who learned about investment would not dare to take the risk. i don't want to lose him as a friend. though we are not to a high level of friendship but i just don't want anything to effect what we have right now. at least, right now when i see him around, i can smile widely and talk to him. i can't imagine what will happen if we were to be strangers once again. >_<

but in this friend of mine case, i think that guy should really deserve a chance. he has what a girl needs so why wanna find more? just give each other a chance and try to see if there is really sparks right? isn't it so?

conclusion, love can be a very scary thing but a very beautiful thing.

eunice gm.

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