Oct 1, 2013


Things is starting to warm up in uni and i am starting to face some troubles here and there, but there is also laughter laa so not really fretting over it.

an event, something like a prom night is on my October list and there is a fun fair to celebrate children's day and there is like so many things to think about. maybe i am just over thinking it but then, i don't know, people said that i am a little too over excited over these events, but heey! who don't love events?

*in a small voice*

especially me.

i always had a thing on events. parties, carnivals,  any events! you name it and with a little luck, i will be there for sure, that's of course if there isn't any other cooler events to snatch me away. when a friend told me that i shows too much enthusiasm, i was a little stunned cause i thought it these events is a great way for all of us to know each one better, gain experience, new knowledge and have some fun!

is it that wrong?

if you were to ask me to be a girl who stays out of activities, i think i would die out of boredom. i would not be eunice by then but a girl who, i don't know, an unknown person? i just want to be me. is that so wrong?

society just loves to judge eh? but who am i to bother? if i were to bother, i would ended up like them, judging people from the outside rather than accepting them as human beings who have imperfect moments, strength and weakness and many more.

it just makes us...us.

its suffocating for me when i tries to fit in. it's like i am not accepted in anything that i am doing or like i said, maybe i am just over thinking it. pfft. i hate being a over thinking person. lol.

ahh well, if i were to look at the optimistic side, i am glad that i am still alive.

let's just give the world a big smile and let life takes on its ride.

happy October people!

eunice gm.

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