Oct 14, 2013

Travel- Tangkak, Melaka, Muar

Heey you!

geez, that sounds a little too harsh.

This post had been in my draft box for a veryveryvery long time and since tomorrow is a holiday and i got limited job on my hand, i decided to finish whatever post that i have with me.

on the last week of humble September, we went out for a mini vacation as a group again and boy, i do miss them. i had to come back after one night while most of them manage to stay for one more night but i do cherished the night where i spend it with 2 of my seniors. geez, they can seriously make a girl laugh!

Let us begin our journey to laughter and fun!

Photo Boom right after we reached Muar.

a monkey stole our egg tarts! the egg tarts was in its box right beside me and suddenly my friend shouted to me that there is a monkey sneaking up on me but when i turn, it was too late. he/she snatch it right under my nose and before i could snatch it back, the precious egg tarts fell to the ground. too bad for mr/miss monkey, if the egg tarts is not going into our mouth, don't even think of tasting it. hah!

Tanjung Muar.

Egg tarts that are popular among the netizens here.

The taste can never beat Ipoh egg tart but i would recommend this for those who plan to have a little snacks laa. don't expect it to be yummy but it taste okay2?

the boys seriously have lots of pose that they can act out. =D

ikan bakar as our dinner.

with le roomie! <3!

don't you think the crown is a little too small for my head? geez.

we then head to Hello Kitty Cafe where everything inside is obviously Hello Kitty. a friend of mine is in love with this character and she just could not stop smiling when she step in there! its amazing how a cartoon character can make girls squirm and giggle! =D

here she is, smiling away like a little girl. =D

Like all concept cafes, this cafe's food is not really a thing that you would like to consume but because of the super duper cuteness that is being show in this cafe, i guess we can close one eye on it?

the following day, we went to Wonderland Melaka Theme Park. the ticket in is RM30 if not mistaken. it's a small park if you were to compared to Gambang or Ipoh Lost World of Tambun but if you would like to try something small first, this is a nice place.

all of us have 2 colors on us once we came out from the water park. i don't know its because of the lack of sunscreen or is it because of the sun that was shining like a lava on that day. 

we were supposed to try out the coconut shake which is well known in melaka but then due to road trouble, we just could not find the right place. in the end, we went to Taiwan Small Snacks, where you can find it even in JB. well, when the stomach rumbles, all we wanna do is to sumbat food in it, not caring if the food is nice or not nice. right?

enough of pictures? take a look at the video then! ^_^

and there it is. a post- pone post that was long due.

eunice gm.

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