Oct 3, 2013

Who Are You A Message To All Women


one of my friend shared this on facebook and after watching this video, i seriously thinks that this video needs to be share to anyone who i can shared it with.

Nah-ah. Not me, satan. I am the daughter of the living God, cherished, loved, and adored above all things by the creator of all things for the glory of who is greater than all things. i am awesome.
this video brought tears to my eyes because of some personal reasons but right now, i am going to hold on to those beautiful words.

the world likes to judge us based on our looks, our capabilities, our skills and everything else but they do not realize that it is not the outside skin that is important but it is the inside of each and everyone of us that is the main thing on why humanity is formed. why must we judge when everyone has the same thing in common- imperfect.

there is no one that is perfect and so why bother to judge others? why can't we just learn how to accept and care and love for the people around us? why must some people take others for granted and treat them like garbage? why do some people have to destroy other people lives for the sake of their entertainment? why do some people love themselves to the edge that they forget that this world does not belongs to them alone. why? why? why?

why can't we, humans just be more humanity and forgets the urge to judge another person?

why must the world thinks that beauty is everything and only does who are pretty and rich can reach high places?

so people,

learn to love yourself. God has a reason for bringing us to this world and i know His plans is not for us to see but do not worry, His plans will be great. Just wait and see.


eunice gm.

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