Nov 8, 2013

I Share #3


Time for #IShare for this week! ^^

This video is a must to watch. it speaks about two best friends who met on the internet and had been best friends but never met for so many years. it brings me on an emotional ride though. it is so touching when these girls met with one another. T__T

and here, a video dedicated to everyone who procrastinating. man, i am a queen of procrastination i think. i just can't stop and start doing my supposed to do work! it is a good musical though but still not making me start on my work. man, have you ever heard of the statement "last minute gives the best inspiration"?

one last video before i retreat and start doing my supposed to do work. halloween treats gone wrong when candies are replaced with healthy food instead! wooh! you just got to look at those kids faces! it's cruel but hilarious!

that's all for this week! see ya soon! ^^

eunice gm.

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