Nov 16, 2013

I Share #4

it's TGIF which means tonight will be the time to party all night long! nah, the way i party is always in the room- watching some random movies online. ahh well, boring me.

anyway, it's time for #IShare #4! man, time really past!

this week, i do not have much on my radar due to the busy-ness in my schedule.

here we go!

well, i am a fan of wahbanana because they can be super hilarious and after watching their stuff, you just can't help bursting out into laughter! watch and see if you get what i meant.

have you watch the latest running man (RM)? EXO was in there and though i am not a fan of k-pop, i like their moves and how can a group be as big as 11 people in it? man, a group with 7 people pon da ada all types of problems in it what more if it is 11?

and not to forget, november is almost coming to an end soon and the month that i love the most is almost here! decemberrr! i don't know if it is the fact that i am a december baby and i am coming 21 real soon or is it because i just love it as it is.

christmas is around the corner and its time to save money to buy gifts for friends and family!

ouhouh, which also brings us to...........

weee! i love presents! >_<

happy november 2013 peeps!

enjoy the rest of 2013, it comes and goes fast!

eunice gm.

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