Nov 22, 2013

I Share #5

It's time of the week again. i don't know if it is just me or what, but time just flies! i kept running after time right now because of so many assignments which is due too soon. i think i spend too much time playing instead of putting work first. ahah. #guilty

It's time of the year and as usual, its time for some unique and simple nail art for holiday season. i kinda fall in love with this. it's super easy and i think its the best that i can do without destroying it with my clumsy hands.

a fan of Kid President, here is one more video of him! we should really should say those things more often. i love the #2 sentence, "life is tough but so are you. sometimes we need to be reminded to keep going."

this is a video about kids latest toys, and to be exact, its specially for le girls! if only i have this during my time, maybe i would really be interested in engineering instead of being interested in human interaction. ahah. *i used to play barbie dolls *who doesn't* and play house with my lego kids, thus improving my interaction skills. ahah.* *excuses eh?*

last video for the day. i just love illusions like this. humans can be super creative laa! it amaze me each time when some people just bring this to the eyes of the world. aren't they amazing?

ouh2, one website which interest me a lot.

Right-brained or left-brained?

my results was 59% more to the right-brained which also means that i am more to creativity, intuition, images and curiosity. i don't know how true is this but what's the harm in trying right? it's kinda fun. =D

eunice gm.


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