Nov 26, 2013

Last Minute Work


i am on a last minute rush right now, rushing my soon-to-be-due-in-two-days-time presentation, report and individual work. man, i am seriously the queen of procrastination.

i know that i have assignments to get done with but i just don't know why i can't squeeze in time to get all my homework done before i start playing.


always heard that people said that "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy"? well, it works the opposite of me i guess. i played too much, throwing all my homework away. i just hope i can still maintain my results at the end of the semester. boohoo.

if only there is a course that requires traveling, eating and playing all year round. i think i would have top the class, if there is isn't any theories involved laa.

just a short post in here to say hello to bloggie.

signing out soon!

down with a headache after coming back from supper. i think i laughed a little too much just now. plus with the lack of sleep that i am getting this past few days, well, serve me right then huh?

happy week ahead guys!

am i like this eh? #guilty

eunice gm.

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