Nov 7, 2013

November Is Here!


it's been so long since i step in here due to the added work of events, internet problem in college, busyness that overtook me till when i step into the room, the only thing that i think about is making love to my bed.

each time i reached home, it's either too early or either too late that i just get naked and snuggle right into bed. phew. glad that some of the events is already over but there are still academic to be taken care of. there are tests and assignment all waiting for me when i hit back again to this roller coaster ride but that can wait. i just want to enjoy a little of the remaining mid-sem break that i have right now.

mom did a great job though. when she arrived at my college to bring me out for dinner, and when she saw how "many" people were left in my apartment, she freaked out and "kidnapped' me right away. ah well, at least now i can enjoy the comfort of my own hole. =D

*thanks mi* *hugshugs*

anyway, i just got back from Kuala Lumpur, a 3D2N trip with my friends and i can say it was an emotional ride. the busyness in that small city but compact enough, the loud laughter of my friends, the tears that came along when i got a little emotional setback, the craziness of haunted stories and there were so many people! how can a KL-ian survived all that?! 365 days?!

i am so glad that i am back in JB. i do love traveling but i hate the busyness in it. i just love a trip that we can enjoy our own time but this time round, we were rushing wherever we were going and even shopping only has 40 minutes! who does shopping in 40 minutes! phew! i did get a nice and cheap belt though. teehee.

will blogged soon on my past events! ^^

happy november peeps!

eunice gm.

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